First Plot Details: David R. Ellis’ Shark Night 3D

It has been a couple of months since we last spoke about David R. Ellis’ (Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Plane, Asylum, The Final Destination) next three-dimensional terror fest Shark Night, but the first plot details have come to light so it’s time to head back into the old trusty cage to get dirty!

According to Variety Sierra Pictures has scored key territory deals for Incentive Filmed Entertainment’s 3D thriller Shark Night, selling off the UK, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and the Middle East.

It has been revealed that the plot of the film revolves around a group of college friends who spend the weekend at a lake, only to discover that danger lurks beneath its waters.

Ellis will be directing from a script by Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes. The animatronic sharks will be created Walt Conti, no stranger to such deadly movie creatures, having also been responsible for the Deep Blue Sea sharks, Free Willy whales, and the titlular snake from Anaconda.

Look for more soon!

First Plot Details: David R. Ellis' Shark Night 3D

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Vanvance1

    I don’t understand how a director with 0 flare keeps getting decent budgets.

    Does this man have even the slightest passion for horror? I don’t see any in his films.

    • Didn’t See It Coming

      His movies make money. That’s really all that matters. And I’ve got news for you…There are very few directors in horror that actually like horror. At least from a Hollywood studio standpoint. Most of them are independent.

  • PelusaMG

    Hmm… That picture reminds of a girl I dated!

    Please consider the environment before printing this message…

  • FireRam

    More college kids in a horror movie getting chopped(or in this case chomped) up. Um, yay and stuff.

    My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,and I approved this message.

  • Minion

    So what exactly happened to his other project Humpty Dumpty?

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Sweet! Terrible title though.

    • LivingDeadPunk

      Yeah, it is. Though, I suppose it’s better than Sharks in a Lake.