George Romero Talks Two More Dead Films & Other Upcoming Projects

George A. Romero Talks Upcoming Future ProjectsWhile attending the press junket today for the legendary George A. Romero’s latest movie, Survival of the Dead, Dread Central had the opportunity to speak with the Godfather of the modern zombie film about what the future holds for the writer/director now that Survival is set to be unleashed in theaters on May 28th.

If Survival does well, then my plan for the series is to make two more Dead movies to finish out the story we started with Diary,” explained Romero. “After all these years, I still really love filmmaking. If we get the go-ahead, then I would like to take minor characters from Diary that go off on their own adventures for the next two. Then I would finally have this small set of films that are connected, and that’s something I’ve never been able to do before.

Because the first four Dead films are individually controlled by someone else, I’ve never been able to get cooperation from anyone to do work with those characters again. I would have loved to see Bub (Day of the Dead) before he died, but I’ve never been able to do that. So now we can because we’re working on our own terms,” Romero added.

It’s not just zombies in Romero’s future either. He and producing partner Peter Grunwald are currently developing a few other projects as well.

Romero said, “Peter and I are working on two other film projects right now, including a horror film that is not about zombies, and another small, personal film I’d like to make myself that is not horror at all. With all this freedom we’ve gained since Diary, I sort of feel like I have a steady job for the first time in my career, which is pretty funny when you really think about it.

We’ll have more in-depth coverage from the junket soon so keep it here.

Heather Wixson

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  • LivingDeadPunk

    Oooh! I’m really excited for the non-zombie horror flick.

  • Gus Bjork

    I’ve gotten to the point where there’s more a desperate hope than excitement or enthusiasm for the next Romero. I’ll bitch some about the movies but never him. I’ll always want the best for him and his films. I haven’t seen Survival yet but I will. On the plus side my expectations are in check. Point being that I wish I could read the article and have a reaction beyond a sort of sigh. Maybe like being a parent of kid on a last place losing basketball team. You’ll always go to the games, you’ll always cheer him on and you’ll never say anything hurtful. But deep down inside you still think, “Jesus would it kill you to make a dunk now and then?”

  • DocPhibes

    Please please please no more CGI

    • FireRam

      It amazes me. Technology is advancing,but it seems to me CGI is on the decline(my opinion, it is). Hell, with todays tech I’d love to see a nice stop motion flick done well!!

      • PelusaMG

        Probably what is happening is that as the software is becoming more and more affordable, so more and more people are buying it and learning to use the stuff at home. But the number of people who can skillfully use it is finite, so you inevitably have lots of people who know how to do CGi etc., but only a few of them are going to produce quality work… For instance, anyone can pick up a paint brush and learn to paint, but only a few are talented enough to produce works you want want to display in an art gallery, or sell!

        Please consider the environment before printing this message…

  • ffforgottenx

    I’m more interested in his non-zombie projects than 2 potential films following characters from Diary. I’ll still watch them, but none of the characters in Diary struck me as worthy of their own story.

    If they do get made, PLEASE GEORGE, don’t make one about the girl narrating Diary or have her anywhere near the project. I wanted to kill her (her character, not the actress) myself.

  • Tshoffie

    Well After Seeing Survival of the Dead i hope to god Romero can come up with something Decent i mean his last three films were not good at all in Fact Survival was about as low as he could go. i just think maybe he should take some time off and work on making a decent movie instead of rushing to make something as quickly as possible

  • James Coker

    I just hope That George pumps out ALOT of good or at least decent films before he cashes in, godspeed mr.romero

  • Cash Bailey

    I worry Romero is getting sucked into the same creative void as George Lucas is with STAR WARS; endlessly talking up ‘other projects’ but still inexorably cranking out zombie movies every two years.


    The more George films the better anyway I can get them. I have enjoyed everyone so far including There’s Always Vanilla.

  • LSD Zombie

    I’m sorry, as big a fan as I am, I can’t stand seeing another failure like Survival. I’m done. I’d rather see George tackle something original because he is clearly burnt out when it comes to the zombie sub-genre.

  • Vanvance1

    I’m glad to hear George is considering branching out again. Much as I adore zombies I’d love to see what else he has up his sleeve for us.

  • DavidFullam

    Just hook up George Romero films into my vein and I will be happy.

  • Terminal

    I’ll be there with bells on, George.
    “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”


    I wish it was two more dead films that were part of the original dead series