Killer Bees Cause the French to Panique

Got an email from tipster Avery about a new French TV killer bee movie called Panique!, and after viewing the trailer, I still don’t quite know what to make of it.

At first it appears tongue-in-cheek, then it looks like your typical Syfy nature gone amok movie with a French twist. All info out there is in French, and translating it with Babelfish only produces gibberish broken English. Perhaps fitting when you view the trailer for Panique!

Directed by Benoit d’Aubert and produced by Kwaï productions, the TF1 television movie uses many special effects made by the Trimaran team. The subject of the movie is perfect for visual effects. With many plans including bees made in 3D and/or filmed on a green screen, this TV movie is full of suspense and spectacular images.

The Foywonder

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  • AngryChairr

    Well, the French streak for kick ass horror had to end somewhere. Might as well be with killer bees.

  • Emy

    From what I could find in a short search, it seems to be a serious Nature Run Amok movie. Story very similar to the story of Jaws, but with bees (one guy warns people of killer bees, autorities don’t want to believe him, eventually they get with the program), with a bit of family drama tossed in. From the review I found, some of the relationships between characters are not working or believable.

    Looks like it was supposed to be serious but turned out complete B-movie cheese.

  • Emy

    Feel free to send translation requests to me Foy, I’m on FB and UC and WIB have my personal email.

  • Richard Bastard

    this looks amazing

    a little bit of column a
    a little bit of column b
    a whole lot of columbine