Not Even the Elderly are Safe in The Home

It’s been a while since the last time we updated you on The Home. Almost fifteen months to be exact. What can we tell ya? Sometimes the really good shit takes a while to get cooking!

And cooking it is! Word came down today that Aaron Morgan’s Lovecraftian chiller The Home, which was penned by Eric Vespe from a story by Morgan, is now in pre-production and slated to begin production this September in Austin, Texas.

Check out the plot crunch and some early sales art below.

A young man is nearly killed during a horrible accident that leaves him physically and emotionally scarred. To recuperate, he is taken to a secluded nursing home where the elderly residents appear to be suffering from delusions. But after witnessing a violent attack, he soon realizes that the screams behind the walls are caused by more than hallucinations, and the residents are being preyed upon by twisted, monstrous nightmares that lurk within the home itself.

Not Even the Elderly are Safe in The Home

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  • Vanvance1

    The word ‘Lovecraftian’ gets me every time.

    Since I really liked Bubb Ho-Tep and Madhouse I’m happy to see this. Not to say it will turn out like those two.

  • Terminal

    Sounds cliche as hell. We saw similar premises in “Bubba Ho Tep,” “Gothika,” “Supernatural,” and “Madhouse.” I don’t find any interest in this concept. I’ll likely pass.
    “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”

  • Caterpillar

    Good for Quint. The concept actually sounds very interesting (and it is fairly original) so I hope the finished product will hold up. Might make for a cool double feature with BUBBA HO-TEP. There are far too few nursing home horror flicks.