Dead Space 2 Goes Viral: Did You Get the Letter?

Some strange Dead Space 2 materials began showing up in people’s mailboxes over the weekend including notes from a doctor who seems to be taking care of someone who is undergoing transformation into a Necromorph, a Rorschach test, and an envelope with a stain on it that resembles the silhouette of a man. Were you one of the lucky recipients? broke the news first, noting that Visceral is a master of viral marketing so we’re sure it will all tie together with some bigger overall thing at some point. It is also of note that the Rorschach test has glow in the dark lettering from the Unitology language. The lettering on the doctor’s note says, “The sickness is the cure! The cure is the sickness!”

Less than 24 hours later, hundreds of Dead Space fans have come together on the Dead Space Facebook page to solve the mystery and find the hidden message in the documents, which nearly 1,700 fans received in the mail. Visceral’s reps say, “We are amazed and completely psyched at the collective intelligence and passions that the Dead Space community displayed in being all over this thing and beating everyone else to the punch.

But still, the mystery remains. 4.29.2010 was the hidden message. What could it mean?

Check out the images below, and join in the discussion!

Dead Space 2 Goes Viral: Did You Get the Letter?

Dead Space 2 Goes Viral: Did You Get the Letter?

Dead Space 2 Goes Viral: Did You Get the Letter?

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Along with visiting the abovementioned Facebook page, be sure to check out the official Dead Space 2 website, and follow @DeadSpace on Twitter, too.

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