DVD Releases: 4/27/2010: Get Marked in The Fear Chamber During Your Descent 2 Transylmania

I’m really starting to wonder about Amazon’s system for categorizing movies. Left out of their “horror” DVD offerings for week of April 27th were The Descent Part 2, Mega Piranha, and the newest Tales from the Darkside collection (Season 3). Huh? In any event, they are indeed being released on home video this week, along with a big batch of flicks most of us around the Dread Central offices are not too familiar with.

Including in the “batch” mentioned above are a couple of serial killer flicks — The Fear Chamber and Passed the Door of Darkness — as well as the intriguing sounding Sympathy, which takes place entirely in a motel room with only three actors. We also get a couple of documentaries and part of a long-running reality TV show: Legend of the Witches, History’s Mysteries: Fear Files – Zombies, and “Ghost Hunters”: Season Five, Part Two. Jesse Bradford (of Swimfan fame) stars in Perfect Victims (originally titled Perfect Life), which is filled with college students who experience horrifying visions from the past while undergoing a fraternity initiation. Throw in the horror/comedy Transylmania and supernatural-themed unknowns Spirit and Marked, and there you pretty much have it!

My pick of the week does fall on the sci-fi side of the genre, but anyone who says the idea of a virus that wipes out a majority of the world’s population isn’t scary hasn’t seen the superb BBC production of “Survivors”. Seasons One and Two are being jointly released this week by Warner Brothers, and I can’t recommend them enough. At times it does get a bit melodramatic (especially in Season One), but it keeps ramping up the suspense and tension as the episodes progress, and by the time the end of Season Two approaches, you won’t be sure who will live and who will die. It’s based on an earlier (1975-1977) series that I admit I haven’t watched, but that one’s available, too, so why not pick them both up while you’re at it?

Debi Moore

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