Adam Green Updates Hungry Crowley Fans on Hatchet 2 and the Original Hatchet on Blu-ray!

Adam Green has got to be one of the hardest working guys in the genre! Hot off of his most recent flick, Frozen, and currently knee-deep in all things Hatchet 2, one can hardly believe that the director has any free time on his hands. But the dude obviously likes keeping his fans in the loop, which is exactly what he did today!

Green updated his official blog with a wealth of information, most notably that Hatchet fans have a new Adam Green/Kane Hodder commentary track to look forward to when the original flick makes its Blu-ray debut this September. Additionally, Frozen will be hitting home video sometime that same month.

And what of Hatchet 2, you ask?

Adam Green Updates Hungry Crowley Fans on Hatchet 2 and the Original Hatchet on Blu-ray! (click for larger image)“We just picture locked HATCHET 2 a few days ago, which means that the hardest part of it is over for me. For the next two months we do all of the fun stuff like color grading, sound design, and score and I’m told that (in the U.S. at least) you’ll be seeing Victor Crowley back on the big screen in September. Over the summer you’ll start seeing exclusive pictures pop up on-line, trailers, contests, etc- but for now everything has been about making the movie. Which brings up another question I have been getting from a lot of you… “why the radio silence?” Normally my productions are like an open book and people can follow along and see and hear everything. Well, I’m actually just doing what I can to try and help make this as fun an experience as I can for the fans of HATCHET. Believe me when I say that I adore the various genre websites and I appreciate how kind they’ve been to me and to my films over the past decade. It’s so cool to know that they are excited and supportive of another dose of HATCHET. However, I feel like in many ways there is now TOO MUCH information available to the fans and that by the time a movie comes out, they’ve read everything there is to know, seen half of the movie in clips on line, seen all of the photos, and for the most part – they’re just not as excited as they would have been going into it cold. That’s why I didn’t circulate scripts to everyone on the crew and why no one really has any details about the plot yet. That’s why there are still no exclusive pictures available and that’s why we only allowed reporters to visit the set on the days when we were shooting dialogue scenes. Believe it or not, I’m just looking out for YOU. Watch the first movie again before the sequel comes out and go into this one having no clue what to expect. You’ll have a great time – I guarantee it!”

On Saturday, May 22nd, Adam and Kane Hodder will be appearing at the Creation Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles and will also be showing footage from Hatchet 2 for the first time ever during a panel hosted by our own Uncle Creepy. General admission tickets are available in advance through or at the door for $20 on Friday and $25 each on Saturday and Sunday.

So there ya have it! Come this fall, there will be no shortage of Victor Crowley.


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  • The Woman In Black

    Green is so right. Take The Crazies for example – by the time I finally saw it in the theatre, it was like deja vu what with all the stills and clips and multiple trailers the studio had released beforehand. It results in zero suspense and a real been there/done that feeling as events unfold onscreen that we’ve already seen over and over again.

    • Terminal

      That fault lies in the directors who are always more than happy to blog about everything they’re doing including taking photos of the sets and actors (which Green has done), release footage of the film in the making (which Green has done), and for websites who insist on readers checking out the clips and stills immediately, which most sites do. So it’s a snake eating its own tail.

      He did a good job concealing “Frozen.” It was so concealed, it wasn’t even in any theaters near me at all. He’s a genius.
      “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”

  • Terminal

    When is Frozen coming out already? I’d like to see this alleged gem all the five people who have seen it claims it to be.
    “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”

    • Masked Slasher


      It’s out in September.

      I’m anxious to see it myself.