Exclusive: Filmmaker Drew Daywalt Spends the Night on the VERY Haunted Queen Mary

Drew Daywalt has made a living working within the horror genre scaring the hell out of people. As you’ll soon see in his upcoming Camera Obscura project, the guy really knows his way around the subject of ghosts and hauntings. Recently Drew had the tables turned on him when he spent a couple of evenings aboard a legendary haunted ship, California’s Queen Mary — in the vessel’s most haunted room of course.

As you would expect, Drew had camera in hand for his entire stay, and what you’ll see below is the footage that he shot and assembled for us here on DC. Footage you won’t find anywhere else. Turn down the lights, let your imagination roam free, and enjoy.

The Haunted History of the Queen Mary, as per Wikipedia:

“Ghosts were reported on board the Queen Mary only after being permanently docked in California. Many areas are rumored to be haunted. Reports of hearing little children crying in the nursery room, actually used as the third-class playroom, and a mysterious splash noise in the drained first-class swimming pool are cited. In 1966, 18-year-old engineer John Pedder was crushed by a watertight door in the engine room during a fire drill, and his ghost is said to haunt the ship.

There is also said to be the spirit of a young girl named Jackie Korin, who drowned in the second-class pool and continues to haunt the first-class pool room on board the ship. A young woman by the name of Sarah was said to have been murdered in the first-class women’s changing rooms by an unknown man and haunts the first-class pool with Jackie. Some visitors say they have seen women wearing early 1930’s bathing suits in the pool areas.

It is also said that men screaming and the sound of metal crushing against metal can be heard below decks at the extreme front end of the bow. Those who have heard this believe it to be the screams of the sailors aboard the HMS Curacoa at the moment the destroyer was split in half by the liner.”

Queen Mary Footage – Drew Daywalt's Stay Aboard
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  • Severen

    Why end the video just as its getting good? Even if its just him running out of the room or whatever.

Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.