Hobbin With the Goblins Again

Hobgoblins return!Where is it written that just because a movie is considered by and large to be one of the worst movies of all time that there can’t be a sequel? They made a House of the Dead 2, didn’t they? Yes, they did. So why not make a sequel to an almost 20-year old cheap Gremlins knock-off that would be almost completely forgotten about today had it not been for the movie being roasted on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”?

That’s right, folks – HOBGOBLINS 2! Deal with it.

For the uninitiated, The hobgoblins are ancient critters that escaped from a film vault where they’d been locked away and immediately set their sights on a group of idiot teens. Brought to life through puppet technology that made Jim Henson muppetry look like state-of-the-art Stan Winston animatronics, the malevolent hobgoblins also possessed mind-control powers that mostly came in handy to cause hallucinations that brought to life the victims wildest dreams, often of the gratuitous nudity variety.

The absurdist 1988 original was a no-budget affair that came out at a time when Gremlins knock-offs were still popular in low budget movie circles: Ghoulies, Spookies, Munchies, etc. No doubt the 2007 sequel will follow suit given that the tagline on the current poster art reads “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.” One doesn’t use that sort of tagline for a sequel unless they know full well what sort of movie they’re making. To be fair, it’s kind of hard to fault a movie for being a no budget cheeseball of bad camp when it was clearly made with the express purpose of being nothing more than a no budget cheeseball of bad camp.

Original writer-director Rick Sloane is breaking the fuzzy monstrous throw pillows out of mothballs for a second helping. This time the hobgoblins get loose in a hospital psyche ward and begin reeking havoc on the already mentally unbalanced patients. You can check out the Hobgoblins 2 MySpace page for more info, although there really isn’t that much more to report.

We may not have very long to wait for this second helping since Hobgoblins 2 is reportedly in the can and could potentially be unleashed upon the world at any given moment.

But is the world ready for Hobgoblins 2?

The Foywonder

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