Preview: Scream Episode 2.01 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

The first season of MTV’s “Scream” left us on something of a cliffhanger, as in the final seconds it was heavily hinted that Audrey may have been in cahoots with Season 1’s killer, Piper, the whole damn time. But this is “Scream,” and nothing is ever quite what it seems in “Scream.”

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” opens just as you’d expect any Scream flick to open, with a phone call and a big blade. But, as we already noted, nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Quickly moving beyond the trademark opening (which features a cool nod to Halloween: H20, it should be noted), we transition into yet another familiar sequence. We’re not going to spoil it for you, but it certainly seems as though director Brian Dannelly has a blast tipping his hat to the original film serious. I like to think of that as very respectful.

What’s great about this Season 2 debut is the fact that the tone hasn’t changed in the least. Not only that, but it’s obvious that showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register hold a deep respect for quality slashers, not just the Scream franchise exclusively, but many of the films we slasher fanatics now consider “classics.

And, as most already know, or at least expect, we get to see all the survivors of Season 1 (something very much admired by this viewer, as the return of only a few players in the original Scream film – a result of casualties, obviously – left me missing a number of endearing personalities) – now branded “The Lakewood Six”– attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives as we all move on to a whole new chapter of hacking and slashing in what should be a preppie-packed, picturesque suburban community that hosts zero violent acts… ever. But don’t get too nervous; “I Know What You Did Last Summer” isn’t even remotely near light on the hacking and slashing.

Even if it is big on the melodramatics involved with reunions.

Now, given the fact that MTV gave a second season the green light, you know damn well that we’re going to see a return of “Ghostface,” and you also know damn well the same group of teens targeted in Season 1 are going to more than likely be the focus of Season 1. And for those curious if we’d see little more than an extended reunion rather than a resumption of slaughter from the inaugural episode of Season 2, pull your tightey whiteys from your ass crack.

The first 10 or so minutes of the episode are dedicated to a true reunion. Beyond that (for the most part), it’s all about an ignitor for a brand new mystery and a brand new mass slaughter. Too bad we just know that the writers and showrunners of Season 2 won’t let us skate by without seeing one of the personalities we love getting the blade. It just won’t happen. So, whether it happens in Episode 2.01 or 2.09, someone you love is going to be hacked to bits. And you can bet the bank on that.

I love the fact that the vast majority of the episode unfolds under light of the moon. I’ve always found cinematic productions to be eerier as the sun – or artificial lighting – is entirely extinguished. It creates a different, unique aspect to the tension and ultimately hearkens back to the finest of the good ol’ black & white days. Who dies? Where does it happen? Can we see it coming? Mystery is a fine quality, and one worth respecting, especially from an MTV production.

Season 2 looks like it’s going to be a blast. If anything, the production values seem a bit beefier. We’ve still got a number of the very intriguing and magnetic characters that showed up in the first season making a return for Season 2. That means uber-nerd Noah is back. So are our two Final Girls, Emma and Audrey. Really, there are more familiars to once more surface and reprise their roles than we’re letting on, but there are already a few new faces being introduced as well, which of course keeps things interesting.

Will these individuals have any significant role in the series as the weeks unfold? That’s a hard question to answer, but it seems to me, if you’re going to look to ratchet up the mystery element of the ongoing tale, more than a single new individual must be introduced or ironed into the fold. And “I Know What You Did Last Summer” does a fair enough job of introducing a few fresh faces with what could definitely be considered “motive” for murder.

Season 2 of “Scream” is off to a strong start. We told you we won’t give away any major spoilers, and we intend to stick by that, but don’t be surprised if you spot some violence that may come a tad under-expected.

Either way, “Scream” Season 2 is looking like the kind of series fans should be following religiously.

“Scream: The TV Series” Season 2 jumps off on Monday, May 30th.


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