Kevin Pollak to Debut Vamped Out on Babelgum

Kevin Pollak to Debut Vamped Out on BabelgumAnyone familiar with Kevin Pollak’s work knows that he has a devilishly dark sense of humor. That’s also why we’re so jazzed about his latest project, Vamped Out. Excited? Cool! We’ve got all the whens, wheres, and hows regarding how you can dig on it!

From the Press Release
Independent web and mobile video content platform Babelgum announced today an exclusive series deal for “Vamped Out” on its Comedy Channel. The first of six episodes will go live on April 12 at Babelgum.com. Each additional episode will air each Monday for the following five weeks.

“Vamped Out” marks the directorial debut of actor Kevin Pollak (Usual Suspects, Cop Out) and stars known actors from film, television, and Broadway. Pollak co-created and stars in the series with Broadway leading man and film actor Jason Antoon (Contact, Minority Report). Other cast members include Samm Levine (Freaks & Geeks, Inglourious Basterds), and Seana Kofoed (Broadway’s Proof, TV’s Men in Trees).

“The ‘Chat Show’ has really made me aware of how incredible the Web community is to interact and support high-quality and funny content. With ‘Vamped Out’ I wanted to create a series that would truly appeal to fans of comedy no matter what platform”, said Pollak. “We chose to collaborate with Babelgum because it was a perfect match in terms of smart comedy and allowed us to share our series with an incredible audience of comedy lovers”.

Pollak was named one of the Top 100 Comedians of All Time by Comedy Central and has created a worldwide following as an actor, co-starring in more than 60 films. He began his foray into Web programming last year with the successful launch of “Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show,” a weekly online talk show with special guests.

“We’re huge fans of Kevin Pollak and excited to have worked so closely in the development and production of his directorial debut. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger that is the perfect device to engage our audience to keep watching more and more. ‘Vamped Out’ is sure to appeal to Kevin’s evolving online fan base as well as to our vast global audience”, said Amber J. Lawson, publisher of Babelgum’s Comedy Channel. “The series is a perfect fit for Babelgum, and with talent like Kevin on-board we strengthen our commitment to delivering smart, hysterical, brand friendly professionally produced content”.

“Vamped Out” is a weekly series taken from a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Elliot Finke (Pollak). During the spring and summer of 2009, Elliot shot what he believed was the first documentary of an actual vampire. While in post-production, he went missing. The series follows a modern-day 35-year-old struggling actor/vampire (Antoon) trying to make a living in Los Angeles. Pollak follows the vampire as he continuously gets rejected for the role he was literally born to play. The series is also supported by leading cinematographer Robert Legato, Academy Award-winner for Best Visual Effects, Titanic.

In anticipation for the series, Babelgum Comedy and Pollak will also premiere the series for members of the entertainment industry and Web community on April 9th at Cinespace, Los Angeles.

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