Dante Tomaselli Finally Ready to Open His Torture Chamber

It has been nearly two years since last we spoke about Dante Tomaselli’s Torture Chamber, and after quite a few setbacks thankfully the horror gods have finally prevailed! Tomaselli is getting ready to begin filming the movie later this month in New Jersey and New York!

Torture Chamber is about a boy possessed by an evil so powerful no priest can exorcise it. The boy comes back to his hometown after a failed attempt at it with an army of burned children at his command, whom he uses to abduct both innocent and guilty, dragging them to a nearby castle and subjecting them to all sorts of punishment. Bring it on!

The film is rockin’ quite the cast, too, including Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Ed Neal (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Lynn Lowry (The Crazies), Marilyn Burns (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), and Christie Sanford (Desecration).

In terms of outright fear, I want to push the envelope right off the table. Religious fanaticism … eternal damnation.” said Tomaselli. “This is a film about peeling back layers of pain and guilt buried in the unconscious mind. At the core there’s a family in deep psychic pain. It’s the first serious independent horror film in a long time that’s in the vein of The Exorcist. Torture Chamber aims to be one of the scariest horror movies of recent years.

Dante Tomaselli Finally Ready to Open His Torture Chamber

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • metalmelter

    It’s definitely being filmed! I was on the set yesterday at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum and took some quick shots with my phone. The thing was amazing!!! Have a peek:

    Should be out around February Dante said.