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Psychological Thriller Altered Minds Unearths Long-Closeted Skeletons in June



You think your family has problems? Altered Minds, a dark psychological thriller, unearths the long-closeted skeletons swirling about the Shellner family as they gather one final time on a snowy winter’s night. Or does it? You be the judge when it hits DVD this June.

Oscar nominee Judd Hirsch (Independence Day: Resurgence), C.S. Lee (“Dexter”), Ryan O’Nan (“Ray Donovan”), and Jaime Ray Newman (“Bates Motel”) star in this acclaimed festival favorite (formerly known as The Red Robin), arriving on extras-laden DVD featuring deleted scenes, audio commentary, and more on June 14th from Entertainment One and Rowish Productions.

Every family has its secrets. Some, however, are far, far darker than others. Altered Minds, from director Michael Z. Wechsler, may just unearth more than any one family can bear.

Hirsch stars as ex-CIA psychiatrist-turned-humanitarian Nathaniel Schellner, renowned for his work with war orphans suffering from PTSD — several of whom he and his wife (Caroline Lagerfelt) adopted. About to succumb to cancer, Nathan welcomes the entire family – including adoptees Harry (Lee), Julie (Newman), and Tommy (O’Nan) – back to their idyllic home for a final gathering before his death. Unfortunately, the warm reunion spirals out of control when Tommy, a tormented novelist, makes a stunning accusation that his father adopted his children not out of love, but for dark experiments in mind control. Plagued by terrifying visions of secret labs, underground cells, and implanted electrodes, Tommy makes a desperate bid to save his sanity by uncovering family secrets before it’s too late.

The film is currently available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Bonus features on the DVD (pre-order here) include:

  • Deleted Theatrical Scenes
  • Two Audio Commentary Tracks with Director Michael Z. Wechsler and Composer Edmund Choi (who share anecdotes from the shoot and post-production as well as different aspects of the filmmaking process)
  • Director’s Video Logs (from pre-production and table reads through every shooting day and post-production)

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