Sales Art and Synopsis: Julian Richards’ Cryptid

If it doesn’t exist, why is everyone dying?” That’s a good question! Let’s make like Fox News and blame Obama and the Left, shall we? Seriously, though, that is the question posed on the sales art for Julian (The Last Horror Movie) Richards’ latest flick Cryptid, for which we have said sales art and a synopsis, too!

Richards will be working from a script by Monica (The Guardian, Amphibian) Hilborn, and thus far no casting has been announced. Look for it soon though.

“Snowy mountains, a creepy forest, and a dying mining town are the setting for this dark, horror-thriller about a failed zoologist named Frankie with a Moby Dick obsession to find the “cryptid” she believes killed her father. Now the once prosperous gold town is shutting down, everyone is being evacuated, and Frankie’s pet theory is dismissed as the raving of a woman suffering from the same delusional paranoia that plagues her mother – that they would rather believe in monsters than accept the fact that the men they love leave them.

The harder Frankie hunts for it, the more dangerous and elusive her creature becomes. Is Frankie avoiding her internal demons by chasing a monster that is more obsessive delusion than reality? But if the cryptid doesn’t exist, then who’s doing all the killing?”

Sales Art and Synopsis: Julian Richards' Cryptid

Uncle Creepy

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  • Permafrost

    I don’t want to say that the poster looks KINDA like The Blair Witch Project just because it has trees on it… But I just did.