Total War: Warhammer Pre-Order DLC Now Available One Week After Purchase

When Chaos was first announced as a playable faction in Total War: Warhammer, it was not met with the celebratory blood rites and sacrificial skull-crafting that they expected. Instead of being part of the base game, it was revealed that the faction would be Day 1 DLC, that insidious plight of marketing so foul that not even Grandfather Nurgle himself could have concocted it.

It already seems a bit lame to lock an entire faction away behind a paywall, let alone one of five initially playable factions. What’s worse is that Chaos is kind of what the game is all about. On the scale of important bad guys, they are right up there with Sauron and his Orc hordes. Archaon the Everchosen is literally the bringer of the End Times. It would be like making a Bible game and forgetting to include the Antichrist.

Total War: Warhammer

Well, it seems like the people at Creative Assembly have heard your collective anguished sighs and pushed back the deadline for bundling Chaos as part of the base game.

From the Press Release:
Creative Assembly today announced that the Chaos Warriors Race Pack will now also be offered free to players who purchase Total War: WARHAMMER in the first week of sale.

“The Chaos Warriors have proven to be hugely popular,” said Creative Director Mike Simpson, “and by extending the deadline for getting them for free by a week, we can ensure loyal fans who don’t feel like pre-ordering don’t miss out, while still rewarding early adopters whose support is really valuable to us.  We’re really confident in the game, and with the community backing us so strongly, this should be the biggest launch for Total War ever.”

Retailers who are currently supporting the pre-order will continue offering the DLC for free into the first week, with the free period coming to an end at 10:00 AM PDT/18:00 BST on May 31, 2016.

Total War: Warhammer

It’s a pretty obvious “oops, our bad.” I’m not sure if it will completely assuage the concerns of all of the pissed-off fans, but at least they will have a chance to see how the game pans out before having to pony up the cash for the DLC. I’m generally against Day 1 DLC, and this is no exception. For the average consumer, I’m not sure how much goodwill a single week is going to buy.

However, this announcement hardly affects me since I’ll be getting it at launch. From what I’ve seen of the many gameplay trailers, Total War: Warhammer might be the most complex and diverse Total War game yet.

If you need more convincing, just check out the new trailer below. Of course, I can’t make any judgement yet, so stay tuned for my full review closer to release!

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