Day Remake Rolling

Day of the Dead remake rollingIn case you didn’t read the initial announcement, there are a few updates to the upcoming Day of the Dead remake that we more than likely missed their first time around due to Comic Con madness.

First and foremost, the film began principal photography on July 27th under the direction of Steve Miner (Halloween H20). The plot sounds like it’s pretty much sticking to Romero’s original to the letter, dealing with a mix of military, scientist, and civilian survivors who hide out from the zombie plague in an underground bunker and soon become just as dangerous to themselves as the flesheating ghouls above, if not more so.

The other update is the detail as to whom, exactly, Ving Rhames will be playing in the film. While he starred in the Dawn of the Dead remake, his role in Day will actually be that of Captain Rhodes, the role made famous by Joe Pilato in Romero’s original. More than a little disappointing if you ask me, but there you have it.

Mena Suvari and Nick Cannon also star in the remake. Family Room Entertainment is producing the flick, which had damn well better be an incredibly hard R when all is said and done.

Johnny Butane

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