Exclusive Developer Q&A: Aliens vs. Predator

Aliens vs. PredatorRecently we had a chance to run a few questions by the development team behind the recent release of the new Aliens vs. Predator game, and though the guys over at Rebellion remained kind of tight-lipped regarding what was ahead, they did offer a little bit of insight as to what’s going on now that the game is out and what we can expect in the coming weeks and months.

Check out our Aliens vs. Predator review here. and big thanks to the fine folks over at Rebellion for taking the time to chat a bit!

Dread Central: One of the most common complaints about the game is the inability to aim down the scope or crouch as a marine. These two gameplay options are standard on most first person shooters; why leave them out here?

Rebellion Games: The marine in AvP is almost exclusively in combat with creatures that attack with teeth, claws and tail. We didn’t feel that commonplace crouch-cover-sights mechanics were a good fit with this kind of enemy. Instead, we focused on a more visceral experience.

DC: Can we expect to see new skins for multiplayer? Why no female marine skins? Predalien? Dutch and Ripley maybe? Were character specific skins left out due to likeness issues?

RG: Likeness would have been an issue, certainly, but Lance Henriksen aside we wanted to establish our own character footprint for this title. We’re focusing on levels and gameplay in future DLC, and we believe that’s the right choice.

DC: Can we expect any patches to fix minor problems like host migration, the ability to revive a teammate in survivor mode, weapon tweaking? What’s going on behind the scenes now that the game is out?

RG: Rebellion and SEGA will continue to provide as much ongoing support for the multiplayer game as we can. Stay tuned to the relevant forums for more updates from multiplayer producer Eric Miller.

DC: Can we expect any new game modes or weapons via DLC? Maybe more single player missions?

RG: The first DLC is already available to those of you who bought the special editions and should be available to everybody else within the month. This consists of two new general-purpose multiplayer maps and two new survivor maps. As for future DLC packages, watch this space.

Editor’s Note:
We just received word that the new DLC from the Hunter’s Edition titled “The Swarm Map Pack” will be available to the public on March 18th for 560 Microsoft points ($7.00).

DC: We would really like to use some of the weapons like the predator’s net. Speaking of which, there were certain things that appeared in your first AvP game that didn’t appear here. Why did some weapons and options like the ability to play as a facehugger not make the cut this time around?

RG: As with any creative endeavor, we couldn’t fit everything we wanted into the game in the time available. We picked the weapons and abilities that we believed most suited this iteration of the franchise and focused on polishing those to perfection.

DC: Wish List: Any chance that we’ll ever get the option to play as a facehugger, baby alien, or be able to use the predator in Survivor mode?

RG: You’ll just have to wait and see. Sorry!

DC: Any plan to support the game with any additional DLC features not originally released? If so, of what type?

RG: Same answer as above, I’m afraid. You can certainly anticipate more maps and more awesome gameplay!

DC: Did either Dark Horse or 20th Century Fox have any input in the game?

RG: As the owners of the intellectual property upon which the game is based, 20th Century Fox was our ongoing partner in the creation of the game from the story premise to the look of our Xenomorphs. Their contribution was invaluable. That said, Fox was on board with what we were doing from the start – and very supportive indeed.

DC: Any plans to release DLC maps based on some of the locations from the Predator or Alien franchises?

RG: Future DLC plans are pretty hush-hush right now, but you can expect some nice references. We’re big fans of those movies, too!

Good to hear.

The game is available now on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows PC. If you haven’t already played it, order yourself a copy below. And never mind all the negative shit out there you may have heard or read. The best review comes when you make up your own mind. We’re pretty much guessing that if you’re a fan of either series or of the AvP franchise, you’ll fall just as much in love with the game as we have.

See you online. We’ll be the ones impaling you through your friggin’ eye socket with our alien tails.

Uncle Creepy

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