Matt Frewer Cast as Pestilence on Supernatural / Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

It’s easy to dismiss the CW’s “Supernatural” as lame pretty-boy horror, but to do so would be an injustice. The fact is that the show is pumping out some serious, well written horror every week — better than just about anybody on TV right now. We’ve gotten our hands on some news about the coming episodes including a preview of Episode 15, which airs on March 25th.

First and foremost TV Fanatic recently got word that Matt Frewer (Dawn of the Dead (remake), “Max Headroom”) has joined the cast to portray the third of the Four Horsemen to appear during Season Five: Pestilence.

And finally the show is back in just a couple of weeks so dig on these new images and the TV spot for Ep. 15, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”, courtesy of The CW!

Episode Synopsis
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate Bobby’s home town, where the dead are rising from the grave, but instead of attacking humans, they are happily reuniting with their families. The brothers turn to Bobby (Jim Beaver) for help, but he tells them not to worry about it and to leave town.

Suspicious, Dean investigates and comes face to face with Bobby’s dead wife (guest star Carrie Anne Fleming), who has no memory of what happened to her. Once the zombies start turning evil, the boys tell Bobby he has to kill his wife, but he refuses.

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Supernatural – Episode 15 TV Spot
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  • FireRam

    DAMN………….This season sounds kick ass. I watched the first two seasons religiously but since then could not catch it weekly (due to schedule) and have let it slip through the ctacks as far as catching up with. I want to start watching each episode in order on dvd and get caught up but reading this makes me just wanna watch this season online.UGH.

    • Terminal

      FireRam you must catch up so we can talk about this series. Seriously.

  • Vanvance1

    Matt Frewer rules. I wish someone would get around to releasing Max Headroom on Blu Ray (or even DVD).

  • Terminal

    Can this show get any better? Apparently so. I’m a big fan of the tale of Bobby, and I am in love with this battle with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The episode with hunger was probably the most disturbing episode of the series.

    The opening with the young couple eating each other to death was so sick I looked away at a certain point. It’s shocking how much they’re allowed to do with this show.

    As for Matt Frewer as Pestilence? Bring it on.

    • Rob

      Definitely. The casting of the villains for this season has been superb. Titus Welliver was so smooth as War and had some great lines of dialogue, and James Otis as Famine was just creepy as fuck. Especially the way he addressed Sam as a ‘sweet little boy,’ just the way he said it and the way he smiled, brrr. The opening of that episode was sick, but I think the worst bit was the guy and his love for french fries. *shudders* And with Matt Frewer as Pestilence, fucking A. Now we just need to see who is going to be Death.

      Though I still say Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer reigns supreme thus far. He needs to come back soon. His scene with Castiel in Abandon All Hope was one of my favorite scenes this whole season.

      • Terminal

        The famine episode was often very disgusting. There are too many moments to think of. The twinkie victim, the french fry scene, and the opening.

        This show has been so through the roof lately. And to think when I saw the first stills for this series I wrote it off as Calvin Klein Models meets the Hardy Boys.

        Man, I’m glad I was wrong.