Plenty of Vacancy at this Terror Trap

Plenty of Vacancy at this Terror TrapGood artists copy; great artists steal.” Going by that famous quote, the makers of Terror Trap are truly great artists because they appear to have outright stolen Vacancy.

Watching the trailer for this new thriller starring David James Elliott from “J.A.G.”, Jeff Fahey from Grindhouse, and Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs, so much of it appears to be brazenly mimicking Vacancy to the point you cannot believe The Asylum didn’t produce it.

At least the synopsis for writer-director Dan Garcia’s Terror Trap (originally titled Bed & Breakfast) acknowledges the similarities:

In the tradition of hit films Vacancy and The Strangers comes Terror Trap — a horrifying story of games, voyeurism, and murder! Terror Trap is everyone’s worst nightmare about what can happen in a rural Southern town. Corrupt law enforcement, isolation, sick and violent rednecks, and no way to leave.

Driving to a weekend getaway, a car breakdown strands young couple Don and Nancy (David James Elliott and Heather Marsden) while passing through a small, rural Louisiana town. Finding the couple on the roadside, the town’s inhospitable Sheriff Taylor (Jeff Fahey) tells them there’ll be no one to repair their car before morning. He directs them to a nearby motel for the night run by Carter (Michael Madsen). Checking into the seedy, rundown establishment, Don and Nancy have no way of knowing how this place deals with outsiders. Badge aside, the Sheriff answers to Carter, as do a gang of twisted, masked kidnappers, torturers, and killers. By the time Don and Nancy realize what’s happening, it’s too late to flee. They must fight to survive the night or be the next victims of the Terror Trap…

The below trailer for Terror Trap is courtesy of distributor American World Pictures. Give it a look, and decide for yourself just how much in the tradition of Vacancy it actually is.

Terror Trap – Trailer
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  • FireRam

    Yep. Vacancy 3.