Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel Coming At You in 3D

It’s been a good long while since last we heard anything about the Ridley Scott directed prequel to the now classic film Alien, but finally some news broke today that will have the Xenomorphs jumping off of the screen and into your laps!

In an interview with ShadowLocked.com Roger Christian, the prequel’s art director, let the following tidbits slip:

Ridley’s doing the next Alien in 3D,” Christian tells the site. “He has a very clear understanding of where this should go. They kind of stopped dead one of the greatest horror franchises there’s ever been, and it had legs to go on. So I’m hoping he’ll revive another three. The world certainly wants it, and the fans want it – everybody.”

Revive another three?” Interesting. Hit up the above link for the whole interview, and look for more soon!

Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel Coming At You in 3D

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  • Vanvance1

    My opinion (and you knew it was inevitable):

    I love 3D, always have… hell, even the crappy red and blue glasses make me smile.

    Prequel. What a vile word. You know what is going to happen already so prequels are just no damn fun.

    Ridley Scott: Alien, Blade Runner… um… many decades of nothing special. Sorry, Gladiator didn’t work for me. I really think this is a director who shot his creative load back in the 80’s.

    Also, I have this horrific feeling the aliens will all be computer generated. Bleah.

    • Floydian Trip

      You’re lucky this isn’t the forum.

  • Floydian Trip

    I’m sick of every new movie being announced in 3D. But in the right hands it can be cool and Ridley is one of the best. Avatar was the most amazing looking 3D movie I’ve seen but it did give me a headache and I enjoyed seeing all the details of the 2D version more.

    Now, how about they go ahead and plan a trilogy of prequels with the same directing line-up as the first 3 but this time don’t fuck with them.

  • Feenix

    Curiouser and curiouser. I’m eagerly, yet cautiously waiting for more news. As for this constant bitching about 3-D, then see the 2-D version. No one bitches and moans about movies going to Imax. They either see it Imax or they don’t. With the way 3-D’s being incorporated in movies now – considering it’s done well – the 2-D version ain’t missing much.

  • Floydian Trip

    I don’t know if it’s bandwagon jumping really. Cameron, Scott, Jackson, Del Toro and Spielberg are all friends and of course will be interested in what eachother is doing.

  • The Woman In Black

    This little tidbit from the interview — although not about Alien — was pretty interesting as well: “Paul Anderson was here (in Toronto) shooting the next Resident Evil movie in 3D, so I went down on the set with him. Watching shots of zombies in 3D is amazing – I got really excited! For horror films, it’s brilliant.”

    At least that’s confirmation there WILL be zombies!

    • Terminal

      Sorry misread the interview and posted something, then quickly altered it. I’ll move on.

  • Sirand

    Between this and Predators, my scars from AVP are starting to heal.

  • Terminal

    I’m going to hold any and all judgment until we get more news about this prequel. I’m willing to put my faith in Scott at the moment.

  • Permafrost

    Fuck this bullshit 3D trend.

    Fuck it in the eye.

  • Floydian Trip

    I would definitely like to see what Ridley can do with 3D. How about a 3D Blade Runner?

  • MethRattle

    I’ve seen two recent films in the new 3-D and I’m already sick of it. Sick of wearing the glasses, sick of the eyestrain and headache, sick of the extra $3-$4 added to the ticket price. If I want 3-D that badly I’ll leave my basement room and go outside.

    Another trilogy? I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again…give us ONE GREAT FILM first. Let us decide with our money whether or not there should be another one. I’m sick of seeing movies that were good but could’ve been better, but they’ve already got two sequels in the wings. Stop worrying about franchises and start worrying about the film you’re working on!

    Having said all that, I’m really looking forward to Ridley’s new “Alien” film. He’s changed quite a bit since the first one, so it’ll be interesting to see his present-day take on it.

    • frank_dracman

      Meth knows what I’m talking about. Except I don’t share his enthusiasm about a new film.

  • PelusaMG

    The Alien films would all look superb in 3D, and I’m glad they are taking this route with the new film (and hopefully with the others at some point in the near future).

  • frank_dracman

    This just keeps getting worse and worse. Next thing you know it will be PG-13…

    • Gus Bjork

      What’s getting worse? 3D? Trilogy talk? I don’t get it.

      As far as PG13 goes Aliens was barely an R (was it an R?). You had the chest burster scene and Drake getting melty but they were quick. Gore was hardly a factor.

      • frank_dracman

        The bandwagon jumping is getting worse. Everything’s got to be a trilogy, in 3D and family friendly. Gore is not a factor (AvP 2 sucked just as bad), but if they try to make this accessible to all audiences, I have a bad feeling it will fail. Not to mention if they try to cut it up into three movies.

        I am a HUGE fan for all things Alien (you should see our entertainment room) but to coin a phrase, I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

        • PelusaMG

          “Three… it’s the magic number!”