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Win the Van from VANish




Want to own your own piece of 4-wheeled movie memorabilia? Then you’re gonna wanna keep an eye on the following auction, which gives you the chance to!

From the Press Release:
VANish, the one-location exploitation movie that came out last year, finally makes its claustrophobic debut on Netflix this month.

Grizly Films, the genre company responsible, is aiming for a much bigger scope for their sophomore effort, entitled Eat Lead. Before they partake in their next gruesome gore feast, however, they’d like to auction off a vital piece of their first film: its entire set.


Check out the eBay listing for the VANish movie van along with the product description below.  The auction ends Sunday, April 17th, at 8pm.

In honor of its April Netflix debut, you can now bid on the one and only van used in the 2015 action movie VANish. This vehicle acted as the entire film set and played a character all its own in the contained thriller. It still runs and is fully functional even after Danny Trejo and his cartel thugs shot it to s%*! The van’s interior comes equipped with shag carpeting, the purple couch, blood stains, bullet holes, and all. The cast and crew have also SIGNED the inside walls, including the stars MAIARA WALSH (The Starving Games), TONY TODD (Candyman), and, of course, DANNY TREJO (Machete).

The purpose of this auction is to contribute to Grizly Films’ second movie, Eat Lead, shooting this fall. It’s a 1930s gangsters versus cannibals action/horror film set during the Great Depression. The higher the bid, the higher the budget for things like special effects and casting a bigger name actor for Wyatt, the lead gangster. The winning buyer will also be credited as an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on Eat Lead and even have the choice of playing a cannibal in the feature if their bloody heart desires.

Whether you’re a fan of exploitation B-movies like VANish or a supporter of indie films in general, you are keeping this industry alive and accessible to everyone with your contributions.




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