Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images: Mutant Girls Squad

The new film by Tak (Be a Man! Samurai School) Sakaguchi, Noboru (Robo-Geisha) Iguchi, and Yoshihiro (Tokyo Gore Police) Nishimura, Sento Shojo (Japanese title) or Mutant Girls Squad, is in post production; and we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at the editing process.

According to the Sushi Typhoon Twitter page, the film starring pin-up model Yumi Sugimoto is currently slated to have its international premiere in July. We’re guessing that means it will premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival, where Nishimura’s Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl had its international premiere last year. Just makes sense, no?

The images below come courtesy of Marc Walkow of Subway Cinema.

The man barely visible on the monitor is the film’s central baddie (played by Versus‘ Tak Sakaguchi, reportedly as a cross-dressing mutant sword-swinger). The other shots are of an in-studio creature effect and Nishimura on his fourth nonstop day of editing the movie.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images: Mutant Girls Squad

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images: Mutant Girls Squad

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images: Mutant Girls Squad

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  • Terminal

    Not very good pictures. I don’t see much of anything.

    • tedge1979

      I see editing, which is awesome. I can’t wait for anything Nishimura and Iguchi do.

    • The Woman In Black

      It’s better than some of the pics we get from Twitter and such that say, “Hey, here’s the field we’re shooting tonight’s scene in!” LOL

      • Terminal

        Didn’t you guys post pictures of a fake cabin from Hatchet 2? How is that different from a field?

        • The Woman In Black

          My point exactly.

          • Terminal

            Please to continue…

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