Twilight Saga: Eclipse Gets a New Editor; Muse Dropped from Soundtrack

As The Twilight Saga: Eclipse fans anxiously await their first viewing of the film’s trailer before Robert Pattinson’s new flick Remember Me next Friday, March 12th, there are some things going on behind the scenes that might give them pause: A new editor is being brought on board, and a song by Muse, a band that has provided material for both previous installments in the series, has been dropped from the soundtrack.

First things first — the editing situation. Back in early February director David Slade was excitedly tweeting about the progress of his editing process, including this statement: “Cutting like crazy, the film is getting closer working through the weekends again, adding more EDWARD!

Maybe he still wasn’t adding enough Edward because per Summit Entertainment [has] confirmed that it has replaced Eclipse editor Art Jones with Nancy Richardson, the editor of Catherine Hardwicke’s original Twilight film. They believe that Slade’s material – which they call “very good” – needed a stronger edit. The studio has more confidence in Richardson, who they say understands the emotion of the characters and is an ace at balancing action with the other elements of the film.

Jones previously worked with Slade on both Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night so you’d think he’d be best to handle the director’s output, but what do we know?

As for the Muse song being cut, chatted recently with the band’s drummer, Dominic Howard, who told them, “Nah, it’s gone. It’s nothing to do with Stephenie [Meyer, author of the Twilight books]; she’s totally cool. It’s the people in the movie business, completely outside of the writers and the creative types; the non-creative types I suppose are the people who are quite hard to deal with in Hollywood, so it didn’t work out.

The currently untitled love song will be released, however, as according to Howard, “It was great. We worked on it in Australia, we were ready to record … I’m sure the song will definitely come to life for real at some point, but I think for this film it’s not going to happen.

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In Eclipse, which is slated for a June 30th, 2010 release, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

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  • Morgan Elektra

    Renesmee = Bella & Edward’s daughter

    • Terminal

      Oh okay.

  • Terminal

    Okay if Muse isn’t in the soundtrack I’m not watching this movie!

  • Morgan Elektra

    “The studio has more confidence in Richardson, who they say understands the emotion of the characters and is an ace at balancing action with the other elements of the film.”

    Makes me SO want to see Slade’s version of the film. Sounds like he didn’t shy away from the scenes in the book where the Cullens fight the army of newborns, or where Edward actually kills another vampire.

    I’d be willing to bet that’s the action Ms. Richardson is going to re-edit, in favor of the “emotion of the characters”. Fucking typical. The books were this popular with that action in them, so why don’t they seem to think it’ll work for the movie?

    There goes all my hope for this being in any way decent. I can’t WAIT to see how they neuter the birth scene in Breaking Dawn.

    • Terminal

      I read that Edward actually falls in love with his baby. Is that true? How in the hell are these books so goddamn popular? I can’t believe people are this dumb.

      Either way if the gory birth scene happens I’m going to see this movie just to watch that.

      • Morgan Elektra

        No, Edward does not fall in love with his baby. Jacob imprints on her. Yes, it’s hilarious. Stephanie Meyer actually has a pretty decent sense of humour. It’s one of the things I like about the books that they completely left out of the movies.

        And I SO want to see the birth scene, but there’s no WAY they’ll show Kristen Stewart vomiting geysers of blood or Robert Pattinson chewing through her uterus. And I can’t imagine them having the sexual innuendo that’s fairly prevalent in the 4th book, or Kristen Stewart taking down a mountain lion. Frankly I don’t see how they’re going to do Renesmee either without making her a totally CG character, which I can’t imagine looking anything but awful.

        • Terminal

          I have no idea who Renesmee is, but those scenes sound fairly hilarious. I’ll still see this just to find out if they go all the way.