First Reactions to 28 Weeks Later!

First 28 Minutes of 28 Weeks seen!
UPDATED! Full 28 Weeks Later review is now available!

If you’ve had the misfortune of stepping into a movie theater over the past three months, you’re probably feeling pretty down on the current horror scene. But rest assured, folks, good things are on the horizon…

As a show of good faith, Fox invited Dread Central out to their studios to screen the first 28 minutes (get it?) of the most anticipated film in their Fox Atomic catalog, 28 Weeks Later.

So what’s the verdict? Well, all notions of this being some contrived studio cash-in were dashed within the opening minutes. Boyle and Garland are obviously going to great lengths to make sure this film is a mature follow-up rather than collect their “executive producer” paychecks, and it looks like they’ve found a great successor in director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. If the rough footage screened is any indication, 28 Weeks Later looks to be even more epic, tense, and character-driven than its predecessor. In fact, those that disliked the original 28 Days for its Romero-inspired trappings will be surprised to find that the sequel extends into much fresher territory.

As much as we’d love to tell you every juicy detail of what we saw, we’re bound to some level of secrecy here. But here’s a basic run-down of what was shown (beware of minor spoilers):

The film opens with a blistering infected attack on a group of survivors during the events of the original film. Title cards give us a timeline following the starvation and demise of the infected. Cut to… (drum roll) 28 weeks later: With the virus seemingly gone, authorities have turned London into a military zone and are beginning the process of repopulation. Survivors are checked in through medical tests and background procedures before being herded into apartments in temporary “safe zones”. It is here, we assume, that all hell will break loose. Robert Carlyle (in top form) takes on the role of the tortured protagonist who is trying to rebuild life with his family, and the gritty hand-held style of the original perfectly sets up the ruined aftermath of the infected apocalypse.

When the lights came up, we could all safely say that we were very impressed, and this writer is more anxious than ever to see the final product. Keep your eyes peeled right here as news develops.

Andrew Kasch

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