Lots of Horror Hitting Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD: The New Daughter, The Stepfather, Uncle Sam, and The Dorm that Dripped Blood

Lots of Horror Hitting Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD: The New Daughter, The Stepfather, Uncle Sam,  and The Dorm that Dripped BloodThings are looking pretty sweet home video-wise over the next few months as some announcements have come out over the past several days, and rather than write up a separate story for each one, we figured that we’d bring it all here for you in one gore-soaked package!

First up, Anchor Bay’s little seen or talked about Kevin Costner spooker, Luis Berdejo’s The New Daughter, will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th, and it tells the tale of single father who moves to a house in the country with his two children following a painful divorce. Soon, however, his adolescent daughter (Ivana Baquero from Pan’s Labyrinth) begins acting strangely, and the household is plagued by disturbing events. John begins to suspect that the mysterious mound at the edge of the forest may have something to do with her ominous behavior.

Then, on June 15th from New Century, the Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) version of The Stepfather will be making its Blu-ray debut, and it will do LOTS to wash that bad taste of the remake out of your mouth. Special features haven’t been officially announced, but it’s a safe bet that everything from the recently released The Stepfather DVD (review here) will be making the jump.

Next we have William Lustig’s patriotic slasher Uncle Sam hitting Blu-ray on June 29th, 2010 from Blue-Underground (of course), and if you missed that one, it’s the perfect July 4th horror fest! The movie tells of what happens when the recently discovered corpse of Sgt. Sam Harper – killed by ‘friendly fire’ during the first Gulf War – is returned to his all-American hometown. But when Sam rises from the dead to punish the unpatriotic, only his young nephew and a bitter Korean War veteran (Soul icon Isaac Hayes of Shaft and “South Park” fame) can stop his red-blooded rampage. Draft dodgers, tax cheats, crooked politicians, and flag-burners beware: Uncle Sam wants you… DEAD! Features will include three commentaries(!), deleted scenes, gag reel, and more.

And finally, in the most badass home video news of the day, Fangoria just got word that the rights to the 1982 slasher classic The Dorm that Dripped Blood have been acquired by Synapse Films. “We’ve acquired it, along with many other exciting titles we’re announcing in the next few weeks, but this is one we can reveal right now,” Synapse’s Don May, Jr. tells Fango. “We’re working with [director/producer] Jeffrey Obrow, and we’ve uncovered his original answer print, which is titled DEATH DORM. He believes that when the film was released as DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, the theatrical distributor did some editing and changed things around, in addition to the name. Our print is the only 35mm version of the film with the DEATH DORM title, and it may contain footage that nobody has seen in 30 years.”

Very exciting! Get your couches ready, and pull the phone close for when it comes time to order that pizza, folks! Good stuff’s a’coming!

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