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Something sticky this way comes in Harrison Township, Michigan. Brought to us via the Daily Mirror and local channel WXYZ, the report states that a black, tarry substance fell across the town in February.

Photos and video show splattered black gunk on cars and pavement.  It appears to have fallen straight down from a height, as it doesn’t show on the sides of anything, only skyward-facing surfaces.

Blck Tar in Michigan

No explanation has currently been discovered.  Local officials claim it isn’t flammable, didn’t come from birds, and a local air base swears it didn’t come from their aircraft.

There have been no reports of repeated appearances of the sticky stuff, which I’m sure pleases the owners of the properties covered in the goo.

Black Tar In Michigan

Historically, odd substances falling from the sky have been almost commonplace.  Odd “rains” were the subject of many reports by researcher Charles Fort, and reports as varied as cottony fibers to black soot landing on the US have come out within the last year.

What is this icky gunk falling on Michigan?

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