Samuel Bayer Moves Out of Springwood; No Nightmare on Elm Street Sequel for Him

With his new version of A Nightmare on Elm Street still over a month away, director Samuel Bayer has already said “no” to a possible sequel.

In an interview with /Film Bayer offered the following:

“I really hope the film does well. I will not be involved in a sequel … I don’t want to have my next movie be a horror movie. I’m already looking at stuff and I think I’m probably going to do a — it might be an action movie, or there’s a comic book they want to make into a film I’m very attracted to. But I think I’m going to move on and let someone else handle the next one, and it’ll be great.”

There you have it, folks. If a sequel does come about, and you know it will, there will be new blood at the helm. Let’s just hope for someone tasty!

Elm Street's Samuel Bayer

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  • Feenix

    If what I heard on DFF was true (not that I’m doubting) about him shit talking Craven and the original, then good fucking riddance.

    Asshole thinks just because he directed a “groundbreaking” (a.k.a “overrated”) video for (also overrated) Nirvana he can run his mouth about a guy who redefined the slasher genre, thought already dead in 1984? Fuck him.

    That being said -this one example aside- I can understand a director wanting to do other genres and not retreading the same ground.

    Bayer’s just personally an ass. I think it’s a requirement of all Platinum Dunes’ employees.

  • Vanvance1

    That just proves he has no passion for the project. He’s just a hired gun who likely thinks horror is easily encapsulated in a few cliched images.

    I have little hope for the new Nightmare.

  • Terminal

    Oh no Samuel, you won’t submit yourself to the pits of horror but you’ll gladly do an action movie or comic book movie. Heaven forbid, because you come from Platinum Dunes, you have standards. Prick.

  • Borgosi

    I hope the re-make tanks at the box office maybe then we won’t get a sequel.

  • The Woman In Black

    You can almost hear the sneer in his voice — “I don’t want to have my next movie be a horror movie” — as if it’s something dirty.

    • Floydian Trip

      Isn’t it?

    • PelusaMG

      Only if you’ve got your dick in a box!

    • Tshoffie

      Thats the problem with most of these assholes that call themselves directors there is no love and loyalty for the genre anymore this is a perfect example of lets cash in on the original make a ton of money so we can move on to other things. Horror used to be cool along time ago but now its nothing more then a joke of what it used to be because there is noone left that truly loves horror films to do original cool stuff and arnt afraid to make a career in the genre. Sure there are some good independents out there problem is they make some kick ass films that go direct to video or get a very limited Release theatrically. The Studios then hire them to do nothing but Remakes. And if thats not the Case then its people like Michael bay who have no damn right to be in the horror genre at all comming in getting all these unknown music video directors to come do movies for them and move on when they are done…I hate to say it but the days of people like Romero and Carpenter and Brian Yuzna are long gone…Once Carpenter and Romero finally Step Down thats it.

      • Terminal

        Amen to that Tshoffie. It’s crap that the last generation had people like Romero, Carpenter, and Raimi and now this generation has Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. Shit.

        • AngryChairr

          That’s mostly because those were the only movies they could get funded. Romero tried to branch out like every credible director does but he could never get firm backing for anything other than his horror films. I think I remember Carpenter saying the same thing in an interview where he mentioned studio execs getting nervous when he’d pitch something non-horror but that he could walk into almost any studio and get a horror movie made on name alone. Guys like Cronenberg, Raimi, and Peter Jackson all eventually left the genre behind when they had the chance, knowing they’d turn into a Romero or Carpenter if they didn’t move when the opportunity presented itself.

          The difference here is that the past generation was real directors typecast into a specific genre whereas today you have fanboys making movies. Fuck, Craven lifted the premise of his first horror film, Last House, from an Ingmar Bergman film. I don’t think most of the fanboys making splatter movies today even know who Bergman is. They’re too busy masturbating to ’80s DTV garbage, which can be fun occasionally but shouldn’t be the foundation for your entire film.

          I’m not trying to say horror is bad or dumb. I’m saying most of the people making horror today have a limited scope and a small pool of ideas, whereas previous generations were working in a much wider expanse and without many of the imposed (outside and self) limitations that are stuck on horror today.

          • Terminal

            Angrychairr which Ingmar Bergman film? I’d really like to check that out sooner or later. I’d love to see it to compare since I really didn’t like Last House.

            Yeah you have a good point. Most everything people make these days are throwbacks to 80’s horror. I wish we’d stop having throwbacks and homages and just original horror. I want someone, ANYONE, to break the mold and make something fresh and original to set the bar high.

          • AngryChairr

            The Virgin Spring. Craven recycled only the revenge portion, while Bergman’s goes well beyond that in to a story about redemption. If you wanna see another Bergman movie that should inspire horror directors then watch Persona.

          • Terminal

            Many thanks. I intend to see both ASAP.

          • Tshoffie

            yeah but the difference is while Carpenter And Romero may have wanted to do other movies they always showed Respect and love for the genre and Carpenter did do a few non horror films like big trouble in little china which was awesome..yet he also came back and did horror films as well…these new directors just wanna make a fast buck using horror as a way to get to do something they rather be doing. i know i have said it before but i miss the 70s and 80s because horror back then and movies in general were made better all round and for the most part you could tell the filmmakers were in it because they loved what they were doing.
            im just so lucky that i grew up in the greatest time period for horror of all times. I could write a complete novel on all the things that have made this generation so lame and bad but i will hold off on doing so

            As For Raimi he never really left the horror industry i mean yeah his output is as in your face as his earlier work however he has stayed in the horror genre either as a producer and director even though hes made some big hollywood films..Drag me to hell wasnt a half bad horror film if you ask me

            As for Peter Jackson well hes another Story i did like his lord of the Rings Trilogy while not horror per se it was still in the Fantasy Realm. King Kong would be considered horror related…i think you mean he has moved away from doing splatter. and while i would love to see him do another splatter film its not likely he will…