Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and More

Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and MoreThe name Cuyle Carvin may not be instantly recognizable to Dread Central readers, but the 29-year-old is a veteran of several horror films including Fog Warning, Assault of the Sasquatch (also known as Sasquatch Assault), Victimized, Ghost Wolf, Mind Morgue, The Severed Inn, and Opponent.

With Sasquatch Assault in the can and both Victimized and Opponent currently in post-production and scheduled for release this year, we suspect he is someone to keep an eye on. Along these lines, Fred Grandinetti recently had the opportunity to speak with the young actor regarding his career in the horror genre and his own personal passions.

Fred Grandinetti: How did you become interested in the acting profession?

Cuyle Carvin: I first saw the film Braveheart when I was 14 in 1995. Sitting in the darkness of the theatre, I remember really enjoying watching this story unfold. I went through different emotions watching the film. I wanted to help William Wallace and his allies in battle. Most of all I wanted to be the noble and brave Wallace!

When the film finished on screen, it remained in my mind. I thought about it for days afterward. Years later, when I began college, I had little idea what to do for a career. I thought basic theatre courses were kind of cool and fun. I decided to go with some type of theatre study as my major. Theatre encourages the mind to open and create places and things which don’t exist in your own life.

FG: What was your first professional role?

CC: My first professional job was for a Japanese TV show called “The World’s Most Astonishing News”, where I played a lawyer. It was a program which reenacted famous criminals and related stories. It was a prime time show airing in Japan, and the producers really liked my work. We shot for two days where I did maybe two scenes. I also had one scene as an inmate.

FG: How did you become involved with the horror genre?

CC: I wanted to be in a horror picture way before I became an actor. My first horror film audition was for a character named Karl. He was into murder, stealing, and raping. I wanted this part so bad and was nipping at the bit. I dressed up as a badass to show off some muscle. It was for a vampire film although not really a monster movie. It’s an intelligent thriller with a vampire as an integral part of the story called Fog Warning.

Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and More

FG: How does being featured in a horror film differ from your involvement in soap operas or television series?

CC: It doesn’t really. Obviously the stories can be quite a bit more outlandish. Anything which deals with monsters and creatures requires some crazy kind of story based way out of reality. People love watching horror films because of this fact. Horror movies do a great job preying on the fact people don’t know what to expect next. Hence the loud noises, the popping out of a monster to decapitate someone, or being in a very scary situation out of one’s control.

FG: You have a habit of getting killed in the majority of the horror movies you’ve been in. Can you name some of the films and how you met your demise?

CC: In Fog Warning I get stabbed in the throat with a knife, and in Dirge to the Sea I leap off a lighthouse. In Assault of the Sasquatch I end up getting stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors. For Victimized I get slashed across the throat with a cleaver.

FG: Is it difficult to play dead?

CC: No. The only thing remotely difficult is trying to remain completely still and not breathe. It’s also fun deciding on if you want to be dead with your eyes open or shut. Also if you want to twitch a little before going completely still.

FG: Who were your favorite horror film performers growing up?

CC: I have never been drawn to a particular performer though I liked Thomas Jane in The Mist. I enjoy horror films as entire movies.

FG: What is your favorite type of monster?

CC: Zombies! I’d say original monsters are hit or miss. I do really love creatures from Asian horror films like The Ring and The Grudge.

Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and More

FG: You recently worked with Roddy Riper for the film Opponent. What was it like to battle this giant from the wrestling industry?

CC: I was only on the set with Roddy for two days and had a couple of scenes with him. One in which he rises from the dead as a zombie. The other scene I cut off his arm and then gut him with a chainsaw. He’s a very cool guy. Roddy’s a hard worker and puts 100% in his acting. He really gave it his all no matter how ridiculous the scene.

FG: You also just wrapped up playing a werewolf in Ghost Wolf.

CC: Right … I play Jackson “Lucky” Bates. The film takes place in the 1870’s somewhere near Green Gulch, a small fictional dessert town out west. Lucky is a charming, rugged bad boy who lives in a small town. He’s a werewolf and shape shifter who’s been around for centuries.

FG: Switching gears a bit, you’ve had an interest in the paranormal for quite some time, right?

CC: The world of paranormal is one of my first loves. If I had more resources, I would become a full-time paranormal investigator. My love for this field bleeds into the realm of the macabre. I love everything dark and dreary. I’m not Goth nor live that way, but I’m fascinated with a certain aspect of death.

Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and MoreFG: Your other passion is spreading the need for living a healthy lifestyle.

CC: Yes! Growing up, I was fortunate to live with a family and in a community which gave me the opportunity to lead a healthy life. I want children to get a head start with their healthy lifestyle and have an educational platform. I’m involved with charities to help raise money and awareness on this issue for children who live in underserved and underprivileged communities. I became a cartoon character for the “Cuyle Carvin Coloring Book”. It’s a book where I teach a young boy how to live a healthier life. It’s free of charge to anyone who would like a copy.

FG: What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

CC: Go to my web page CuyleCarvin.com. I love hearing from people.

FG: Thanks for the time, Cuyle!

CC: No problem. Stay healthy!

Fred M. Grandinetti

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