Exclusive: Creep Creepersin Talks Brides of Sodom and The Brothers Cannibal

Dread Central recently caught up with director, musician, screenwriter, and actor Creep Creepersin – the man behind such B-feature romps as Orgy of Blood and Vaginal Holocaust – to find out what he’s been up to, and it seems that the historically prolific amount of macabre material leaking from his sleeve hasn’t ebbed one bit given his current productions.

I’m doing Brides of Sodom with Domiziano Arcangeli’s new company, Empire Films, and Sterling Entertainment,” Creepersin, who’s currently shooting the flick over the course of eight days in Southern California, told us. “This is one of the biggest projects that Sterling or myself have had anything to do with. It’s a post-apocalyptic vampire film. We are shooting on two Reds and trying to come up with some weird trick photography shit. It’s gonna be a lot like Orgy of Blood but a little bit more like an Argento-dream sequence.

Starring Dylan Vox, Peter (Evilution) Stickles, David Taylor, Beverly (The Lair) Lynne, Elina (Orgy of Blood) Madison, Rachel Zeskind, and Domiziano Arcangeli, the post-apocalyptic vampire film’s special effects are being overseen by Ron Karkosa, and Creepersin says of the production’s take on the gore, “We are approaching it like they did with Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl – there’s are going to be gallons upon gallons upon gallons of blood.

That’s not all, however. Creepersin recently wrapped principal photography on The Brothers Cannibal, a low-budget feature that he directed from his own script. Shot in a staggeringly finite four days, the film stars B-movie queen Elissa (Orgy of Blood) Dowling, John (Silent Night, Zombie Night) Karyus, Alexandra (“Nip/Tuck”) Ackerman, Matt Turek, Joel Hebner, Charlie Vaughn, and Buz Wallick.

The Brothers Cannibal is a dark comedy about two brothers that end up with a dead junkie in their house just hours before their parole officer comes to pay them a visit,” said Creepersin, “and about what they decide to do to get rid of the body.

Elissa Dowling in The Brothers Cannibal (click for larger image)

Fact is always stranger than fiction, and according to the filmmaker the idea was inspired by just that.

It’s based on a true story,” he said of The Brother Cannibal. “My wife Nikki’s dad sends me weird stories online whenever he finds them and says, ‘You should make a movie about this.’ I thought the concept was the stupidest thing in the world, to eat a body just so you don’t get caught. It seemed totally ridiculous!

Such ridiculousness got his creative juices flowing, however, and Creepersin pounded out the script for the film last June with an eye to commence shooting in August of 2009. This being an independent production, however, it proved a challenge to meet that date.

Buz Wallick and Matt Turek with The Brothers Cannibal writer/director Creep Creepersin (click for larger image)

Funding got pulled,” communicated the filmmaker, “and then we were supposed to shoot again at the end of September, and it got pulled again, and between an actor breaking his leg and our lead actress getting pregnant [Phoebe Dollar, who was recast], we had to keep pushing it back, and then we finally just did it.

This movie could have maybe been called ‘The Movie That Got Made Only Because We Spent Hours Negotiating With Everyone,’” he continued. “There were a lot of favors pulled and a lot of negotiating. The positive thing about it is that everyone who read the script just fell in love with it, and I think if the script wasn’t as solid, then it would have been a lot harder to get what we got to do this project, but I think everyone saw the potential in it.

Charlie Vaughn and Buz Wallick in The Brothers Cannibal (click for larger image)

Co-produced by Silverado Studios, The Brothers Cannibal was shot on the Red camera with Creepersin’s wife, Nikki Wall, providing the FX; and in keeping with the independent model, the filmmaker was economic in devising the shoot.

We shot it at one intersection in Long Beach where there’s a condo, a parking lot, a laundromat, and a diner. I try to make sure that any location we need (for a project) is within a two-minute walk. I think, from what I hear from other people that work with me, that I go in knowing exactly what shots I want to get, and we work as to how it’s going to cut together, so we go and do those shots and then we go home.

Creepersin is apparently thrilled with the results, though, regardless of the challenging schedule. ”We want a theatrical release for it,” he said of The Brothers Cannibal. “It’s the best film I’ve ever made. It’s something that I know we’ll do festivals with -– I’ve never really done festivals before, but this is probably one of the only times I can see where sending the movie out to fests is a good idea. It’s just a really solid movie, and I’m proud of it and I want everyone to see it.

Matt Turek, John Karyus, and Buz Wallick in The Brothers Cannibal (click for larger image)

A lot of people have been describing it kind of like a Coen Brothers-Tarantino kinda deal,” mused Creepersin, “and the thing that makes it ‘horrific’ I guess, if that’s the right term, is just the fact of what they are going to do with the body: that eating her and cooking her up is (in their minds) the best way to go about it.

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