Bodybuilders: It’s What’s for Dinner

An introverted young man, bullied throughout his life for being a weakling, aspires to be a bodybuilder. Despite all his hard work he can’t quite seem to achieve the Mr. Olympia look he so covets. What’s a guy to do?

Dedicate yourself even harder to dieting and training in order to achieve the look you want? No.

Take the easy way to achieving the Ironman body by taking steroids, HGH, and other supplements? No.

Give up on your dream altogether and be happy with yourself just the way you are? No.

Begin killing cannibalizing other bodybuilders as part of some insane belief that you truly are what you eat? Bingo!

That’s the premise behind the new horror flick Beef; a movie that’s title holds multiple connotations. Health & fitness fanatic Drew is obsessed with becoming a bodybuilder to the point that it costs him his girlfriend; tired of having bullied and pushed around for much of his life too. So he begins killing off local bodybuilders, not only because he’s a nutjob with a chip on his shoulders, but also because his insanity has lead him to believe that he can achieve his goal by taking the old expression “you are what you eat” literally.

If you head over to the ScreamKings website, not only will you find stills and the trailer for Pete Jacelone’s low budget thriller, but you’ll also find details about the movie’s April 25th world premiere in New York City.

Beef looks like it can boast the distinction of featuring the most buff-men-in-nothing-but-Speedos being murdered in any one given film not directed David DeCoteau.

The Foywonder

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