Pulling Captivity Billboards

Photo Copyright The Hollywood ReporterMan, After Dark seems to be having all sorts of stuff going on both good and bad. Yesterday it was good; today, coupled with the news of them dropping The Tripper, it seems to be bad.

The Hollywood Reporter got news that apparently there has been some public outcry in Los Angeles (of all places) about billboards After Dark erected to promote the May 18th release of Captivity. Said billboards depict the capture, torture and death of star Elisha Cuthbert.

From the HR article: “The billboards, first posted March 13, feature four frames with captions above each one. “Abduction” shows Cuthbert with a gloved hand over her face; “Confinement” features the actress behind a chain-link fence with a bloody finger poking through; “Torture” depicts Cuthbert’s face, covered in white gauze, with tubes shoved up her nose; and “Termination” shows her with her head thrown back, seemingly dead.”

I have to admit it’s a somewhat ballsy marketing campaign, but in a society where films like Hostel are given millions of dollars to be promoted, you’d think the public at large would be desensitized to such things. Good to know there are still some feelings out there, I guess.

The offending billboards (and taxi ads if you’re in NYC) will be removed by 2pm today, a public service that I have no doubt will not be cheap. So how did this happen? After Dark CEO Courtney Solomon says it was an accident; the wrong files sent to the printer and all that, then went on to apparently be quoted as calling the campaign OTP (over the top). Now that is hip!

Johnny Butane

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