Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Let Loose His Intruders

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Let Loose His IntrudersI know I’ll take some heat for this, but I really believe that 28 Weeks Later was a better flick than Boyle’s original film. It was just so damned intense! After viewing it, I became an instant fan of director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and have eagerly been awaiting another project from him. The good news? The wait is just about over.

According to Fangoria Fresnadillo (pictured right) is gearing up for his next film, which will be something called Intruders that he will write and direct. The film tells the tale of an eleven-year-old girl who we are sure will find herself embroiled in a great deal of chaos. No other details have come to light as of yet, but production on the flick is set to start in May.

In other Fresnadillo news, he’s also attached to film a big screen adaptation of the video game Bioshock for Universal and a remake of X: The Man With X-ray Eyes for MGM.

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  • Krazy Eyes

    Any chance that his INTRUDERS is an adaptation of the Michael Marshall Smith horror novel from last year? I really enjoyed that book and one of the main characters was indeed a young girl about the age they mention in the article. It would be a good match for the director as well, IMO.

  • Sirand

    28 Days was more nuanced, but it was also far more derivative. Everything after the first 20 minutes felt like a remake of “Dawn” and “Day” – right down to Captain Rhodes and Bub clones. Both are good movies, but I prefer the epic insanity and original set-pieces used of 28 Weeks.

  • Terminal

    The sequel is fun but far more inferior to Boyle’s original. Boyle’s film was a slow burn masterpiece that had story and character and excellent performances. “28 Weeks” was just “Aliens” except with the infected and broke the rules set by Boyle.

    I’ve seen “28 Days” a thousand times. I’ve only seen “28 Weeks” about three times.

    • LifeMi

      I wouldn’t say it’s far inferior to the original, but I’ll agree that Days is better than Weeks.

      • Terminal

        It seems we are at an impasse. I insist Weeks is inferior by miles. It just reiterated the stories from Days, and defied all of the rules set by Boyle.

        • Vanvance1

          I didn’t enjoy 28 Days Later. I was really disappointed by how the characters suddenly flip flopped their personalities in the third act.

          What I did love was that Boyle and the same writer came together again for ‘Sunshine’. That flick was amazing!

  • LifeMi

    Funny you bring up 28 Weeks Later; yesterday a friend and I argued about this. We both love the original, but she thinks the sequel is one of the worst sequels ever. I’ve always dug the sequel (don’t forget that it’s got Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker) and am looking forward to Intruders.