Alice Cooper to Give Broadway Nightmares?

Alice Cooper to give Broadway Nightmares?Alice Cooper. The man is an absolute legend to us horror freaks, but outside of this circle of crazies, he remains a criminally underrated artist. One of the pioneers of glam rock, his Welcome to My Nightmare album may just well be the greatest piece of horror opera ever recorded, and who else is man enough to give Mr. Jason Voorhees his own ballad? After forty plus years in the music business, what’s left for Alice to do? How about putting his nightmares on Broadway?

According to Rolling Stone Alice is in talks to adapt his 1975 masterpiece into a Broadway show. “Do it in a set show, do it all out rock,” he said, “so you’re in a concert. You can do so much more if you’re not traveling. You can set things up, put people in the audience that are in the show, so the guy sitting next to you might fly up in the air. I love the idea of an insane asylum, of being in an insane asylum, where you walk in, they lock the doors, and then they stand there, so you’re in. The claustrophobia thing is good.”

If a straight recreation doesn’t pan out, there’s also the back story behind the original Alice Cooper Band, which he said resembled the story of the Four Seasons as told in Jersey Boys. “We’re actually talking about a lot of these things right now,” Cooper said, “but it’s always the back story that drives the thing: ‘He and his wife were married for 34 years.’ We probably have the strongest marriage in the whole [music] business. And it’s very romantic, and that would give it heart. You have this total monster up there, who’s totally in love with the girl, a monster with a heart of gold. I would like to do that show.”

And I would like to see that show, or anything that Alice Cooper is involved with. And, while we’re talking about him, where in the hell is his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?!?


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  • The Butcher

    That actually sounds like it could really work!

  • The Woman In Black

    I’ll never forget the night “In Concert” debuted on ABC with Alice Cooper as the first guest. He was getting ready to hang himself at the end of the show, and my mom walked into the room. She watched a bit, said she appreciated the theatrics of it all, and then left me alone. Can’t really imagine parents doing that nowadays — why, it might scar their precious babies’ psyches. LOL God love ya, Vince! I really hope you can pull this Broadway show off — I’d travel to NYC just to see it for sure.

    • Terminal

      Are you kidding WIB? They’d write petitions and the FCC would declare a national emergency. I hope Alice Cooper remains the same and doesn’t make a fool out of himself like Ozzy Osbourne did in his reality show. What an embarrassment that shit was.

      • Uncle Creepy

        I know. Ever since I just cannot take Ozzy seriously any more.

        • Terminal

          Agreed Creepy. I look at footage of him singing “I am Iron Man” and I just chuckle to myself remembering him having to kill a mouse while his wife and kids were screaming. Ridiculous.