Wesley Snipes Interested in Fourth Blade

The Blade franchise has had a really interesting ride thus far. The original film hit almost all of the marks that it should have. Del Toro’s Blade II was like a fan’s wet dream. Blade: Trinity, which showcased everyone’s favorite comic book vamp hunter facing off against the big daddy bloodsucker of them all, Dracula, lacked any serious bite; and the TV show, while pretty good, was cut short.

There’s been persistent talk of a reboot since around 2007, but it wasn’t until doing press for the upcoming film Brooklyn’s Finest that theatrical franchise star Wesley Snipes expressed any interest. According to Arrow in the Head Snipes said that there has been some talk about a Blade 4 and that he would be interested if the script was right.

So what do you guys think? Secure Snipes, who may be getting a bit too old, or go in a new direction? We say bring back Sticky Fingaz from the TV show. He totally grew into the role.

We shall see.

Uncle Creepy

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  • Rob

    Honestly, I’m amazed anyone would want another Blade movie after the shit that was Blade: Trinity. David Goyer singlehandedly killed the franchise by deciding to toss Blade to the sidelines and turn it into a spinoff pilot for Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds, who, if I remember correctly, Goyer said he shared a soul with. Not to mention the Dracula that hid behind a baby and got beaten easier than Luke Goss did in Blade 2.

    I am curious about Wesley Snipes’ letter to New Line. I’m sure it’s a great read.

    Oh, and one more thing about Blade: Trinity. Does anyone remember the end credits? Where at the very end, ‘WORD’ pops up in all caps, and then we see Blade driving around in a car for no reason.

    • Terminal

      Read the article posted by Cash Bailey, it seems pretty obvious why he was pushed to the sidelines in the film. I’m sure the movie was meant to be the final leg in the series, and while I think it has its definite flaws, I always have fun watching it. I just can’t not like Ryan Reynolds.

      • Rob

        I read that article back when it first came out. Yeah, his behavior was quite dickish, but the film seemed to be having problems before they shot, mainly the script. I remember being quite intrigued when the original premise – which is now Daybreakers – was announced, and then bummed out when it was changed, and then flatout worried when I read the script that made its way online.

        David Goyer is one of those writers that isn’t great, but as long as he’s paired with a good director – like Guillermo del Toro or Chris Nolan – it balances out, since there’s someone to work with him and bring the best out of his work. Having him write and direct was a huge mistake.

        The other big problem was having it follow Blade 2. I loved Blade 2 and thought it was such a badass film, and I was hoping that the third would find a way to top it. But not only did it not, it didn’t even top the first one IMO. Plus, Kris Kristofferson was completely wasted and he looked bored out of his mind, which was too bad since he had some great bits in Blade 2.

        As for Ryan Reynolds, gotta disagree with you on that. Yeah, he was decent in the Amityville remake and I liked him quite a bit in Smokin’ Aces, but I could not stand him in Blade: Trinity. Part of it was his dialogue, though.

        • Terminal

          Blade 2 was definitely impossible to follow up. Del Toro just smashed this series with such a high bar set, but at the end of the day I acknowledge Trinity as being bad, but it’s still pretty fun to sit through and chuckle with. From Purcell grimacing as Dracula to Reynolds spouting “Fuck me sideways!” I just laughed my nuts off through the whole thing.

          And Goyer definitely sucks. “The Invisible” was beyond awful.

          • Rob

            Exactly why I skipped on The Invisible.

            I just really wish instead of trying to make a new Blade they focused on other Marvel genre films, like Moon Knight, Michael Morbius, or Werewolf by Night. I’d rather see attempts on one or all of those than another Blade flick.

          • Terminal

            Rob you’re definitely a better man for it. I suffered through that crap because I thought the premise sounded decent.

            I want them to focus on Black Panther. People have strongly suggested Chiwetel Ejiofor for Tchalla and I am so excited to think that Hollywood might just cast him in a movie on the Black Panther.

            Blade four is obviously just a vehicle to keep Snipes rolling in the dough. I wonder if this will actually pan out.

          • Rob

            I think that sums up most of 2007. Alot of decent premises with potential that never met it, save for a select few. But once I saw David Goyer’s name in the trailer I decided I’d be better off skipping it. Same with The Unborn.

            Yeah, I’d dig seeing Chiwetel as Black Panther. Been a fan of his ever since he stole half the movie in Serenity. Peter Mensah would be another good choice IMO.

          • Terminal

            Hell yeah, Ejiofor was vicious as the operative. Made me an instant fan.

      • Floydian Trip

        Terminal, you have fun with Blade: Trinity while Avatar is a masturbatory piece of shit and I’m the one with bad taste in movies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now that is fucking funny. Ryan Reynolds fucking sucks.

        • Terminal

          FT that was an astute, intelligent, and very mature rebuttal to my opinion and just what I expect from you. Thank you for that. I had a good belly laugh. Feel justified now? I’m sure you do. You don’t fail at anything right? Riiiight.

          And the difference here is that I admitted that Blade Trinity was tolerable. I never said it was amazing nor did I kneel to the director and flog his log with a shit eating grin.

          But still, thanks for your response. What would I do without you? I just can’t fathom it, I’ll be up nights.

          • Floydian Trip

            No problem. There isn’t a single redeeming aspect about Trinity. You cannot defend it. Nothing that you can say, the movie sucks but this is enjoyable despite everything else. The script for the movie was godawful in every way especially the characters but that’s ok because Goyer can at least write better than James Cameron right?

  • Gus Bjork

    The title of this article sounds like something from The Onion.

  • LifeMi

    I enjoyed the first two, but never had any interest in Part 3, partially because I think Goyer is highly overrated. Furthermore, Purcell as Dracula? I’ll stick with Lugosi and Lee, thank you very much.

  • Terminal

    Hated the show, liked part one, loved part two, and part three is tolerable. It’s gonna take a lot to get me interested in part four.

  • The Butcher

    Wow, that article Cash Bailey inked is intense. I’d heard he was problematic, but holy shit.

    Being a white boy from the ‘hoods of East Oakland, I’ll say this: I would most certainly not have stood for being called a cracker. Some washed up-ass movie star whose name starts with “W” and ends with “esley Snipes” would have been picking his baked ass up off the floor.
    This is also the guy who hit his ex-girlfriend (Halle Barry) so hard in the side of the head she’s deaf in that ear now.

    When is someone going to take this assclown down?

    For behaviour reasons alone, Sticky Fingaz should be given the role if a part 4 rolls.

  • Floydian Trip

    Trinity is horrible on so many levels. I’ll watch a movie just to see Jessica Biel(Stealth) but not that one. I wonder how much they got from Apple to turn it into a 2 hour commercial. How many slow-mo shots of Jessica putting in her earbuds are there?

    Better question is who gives a shit about Blade at this point?

  • Cash Bailey

    Snipes should be happy that ANYONE is still hiring him after his disgraceful, douchebag behaviour on the set of BLADE TRINITY.


    • Uncle Creepy

      I remember it well.

      • Cash Bailey

        Were you there, Steve, or did you just remember reading this article?

        Do tell…

        • Uncle Creepy

          I remember reading the article and was privy to a myriad of stories from the set. Either way. Old news, but sad nonetheless.

    • Terminal

      The movie obviously reflects its feelings about Snipes as Trinity turns Blade in to a prima donna stuck up prick who can’t even be bothered to save the world because he doesn’t want to work with these new hunters. It’s pretty apparent if you watch the movie closely.