Five Words: Alien. Anthology. Blu-ray. Christmas. NEED!

I guess there is a Santa Claus! Looks like the jolly fat man will have his sack stuffed with high definition Xenomorphs to hand out to hungry horror fans everywhere this holiday season! Please excuse us for a moment as we take a break from this news story to indulge in a quick and impromptu Irish Jig of Joy™!

Though no official word has come down online — yet — an eagle eyed reader over at the Hi-Def Digest Forums just posted an image from a home video magazine that has made us giddy as a bunch of cougars at a Twilight dildo try-out party!

Will this be the Quadrilogy? It’s listed in the ad as The Alien Anthology. Either way it’ll carry 7.1 surround, Trivia Tracks, BD-Live content, and more. Hopefully the rumors of Ridley Scott’s guidance and new commentary tracks will be confirmed soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go place a facehugger on the Baby Jesus in my home Nativity scene.

Five Words: Alien. Anthology. Blu-ray. Christmas. NEED!

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  1. I already snagged the special edition dvds… I’ll wait until the blu rays are cheap before I double (triple, really) dip.

    Or I could go Masked Slasher’s route, just snag number 1.

  2. yeah if alien 3 extended version was to be fixed mainly with the last shot of ripley with the baby queen bursting out in the theatrical in the extended that would be great

  3. Oh YES! I think I just ran out of tissues….

    The question is, will they be giving Fincher’s cut of Alien 3 any special treatment in the set? We’ll see….

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