Day of the Dead Comic Preview

For those of you who don’t know, there is a monster-sized Blu-ray of George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead (story here) on its way to lucky fans in the UK that will feature an exclusive comic tie-in from badass comic maven Stef Hutchinson. Because we love you guys so damned much, we’ve got some preview pages for you to dig on.

Specially commissioned for this 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release of Day Of The Dead, the world exclusive 24-page comic ‘Day Of The Dead: Desertion’ is written by ‘Hack/Slash Meets Re-Animator’ co-writer Barry Keating and ‘Halloween: Nightdance’ creator Stefan Hutchinson with artwork by ‘Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode’ illustrator Jeff Zornow. The storyline recounts the dark and disturbing origins of Day Of The Dead’s iconic zombie Bub. Only available as part of this Blu-ray release, ‘Day Of The Dead: Desertion’ is just one of the many features that make this release the one, must-have edition of Day Of The Dead for fans and collectors worldwide.

Check out the goods below.

Exclusive: Day of the Dead Comic Preview

Exclusive: Day of the Dead Comic Preview

Exclusive: Day of the Dead Comic Preview

Exclusive: Day of the Dead Comic Preview

Exclusive: Day of the Dead Comic Preview

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Steve Barton

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  1. This is my all time favourite zombie movie (and I love zombie movies like a crack head likes being high enough to piss themselves)!

    I want this blu ray. I have stuck with my DVD so far because I read that the Anchor bay local blu ray isn’t much of an improvement.

    P.S. While we’re wishing for zombie flick on blu ray: Return of the Living Dead, please.

    • I’d heard for years and years about how bad Day of the Dead was, but when I finally saw it four years ago I was very impressed. Big deal if it doesn’t supply the big action like Night or Dawn, but it has story and characters and Bub. Only Romero could make me feel sympathy for a zombie.

      • I think the smaller scale, more character driven intimacy of Day makes it superior to Dawn. That and the amazing gore. Not to say I don’t love all Romero movies (excepting the execrable Diary).

        • I LOVED Diary, but yeah I will always give Romero a chance. I was very open minded to Day and it didn’t fail to impress me, that’s for sure. The tale of Bub was just so gripping.

          • Day is still my favorite of the bunch. Above and beyond any other entry in the franchise. I’m a Diary fan too. Can’t wait for you guys to see Survival. Being a zombie in that flick has made me a really happy man. Life coming full circle I tell ya!

          • Dawn is still my absolute favorite. So many moments in that movie are memorable, but Day is excellent still.

          • You got to be a zombie in a Romero flick? Wow, your job has serious perks.

            I wish he’d shoot one in Vancouver, I’d line up to be zombified.

            I’d even refrain from stumbling around and moaning ‘braaaaains’. Well, I’d try.

          • Yeah, I’m a featured flesheater in the new flick. I do one of the main kills. Fucking best moment of my life.

        • And I’m sorry I like Land of the Dead. Granted it’s incomplete, and Big Daddy is a big pussy, but I appreciate what Romero tried to do with it. Like all of his movies, it had epic possibilities.

      • You just saw Day of the Dead four years ago? And you have the audacity to call yourself a horror fan?! SHAME! SHAME! It seems to be the black sheep of the trilogy and quite a few people don’t care for it. I love it, but always wondered how it would have turned out if George got his way.

        That’s OK, I consider myself somewhat of a movie buff, yet try as I might, I can never make it through Citizen Kane.

        • Actually frank_dracman there’s a reason why I only saw it four years ago. I am known to be incredibly (I stress the word) incredibly horrified of zombie movies. I can’t explain it but since I was a kid I have had immense difficulty watching zombie movies. I saw Dawn in 2004! Return of the Living Dead in 2007. Yes, I can’t help it. I am terrified of the sub-genre. Terrified!

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