Evangelion Joining Project City Shrouded in Shadow Alongside Godzilla and Ultraman?

Bandai Namco are really going all out with the horror game Project City Shrouded in Shadow, from developer Granzella. Following an earlier story that we did about Godzilla being strongly teased to appear alongside the confirmed Ultraman, a recent scan from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu seems to more or less confirm Godzilla’s appearance with images showing that he’s clearly in the game, whilst also teasing that another literally gigantic icon of Japanese culture will be showing up.

That’s right, from the bottom corner image of the double-page spread, we can clearly see a silhouette of Evangelion, the mecha from the enormously successful giant robot vs. giant monster manga and anime series of the same name. Fans (including myself) have been hoping for a Godzilla/Evangelion crossover for years, and now, it seems like they finally have one. Throw Ultraman into the mix, and this will be a kaiju fan’s Heaven.

At the moment, it’s unclear if you’ll actually be able to play as any of the three giants, with the player instead choosing to take control of either Ken Misaki or Miharu Matsuhara, two residents of the city invaded by nightmarish shadows. But hey, Bandai Namco are clearly putting in such iconic characters to make the game sell right? And I’m sure that a heck of a lot more people will buy the game if they actually get to play as Godzilla and the other two instead of just running away from them. And as this is the publisher that released that awful Godzilla game on PS4 as a full price release despite its jarring lack of content, we’re talking about people who will clearly do anything for a buck. But I don’t mean to sound critical. Hell, I’d buy the shit out of this game if it finally let’s you pit Godzilla against Evangelion.

City-Shrouded-in-Shadow_Fami-scan (1)

Porject City Shrouded in Shadow Screenshot (1)

Project City Shrouded in Shadow screenshot (1)

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