Meat Train to LA

Midnight Meat Train art (click to see it bigger)Though I understand the reasoning, this is just insane, methinks.

Phil & Sarah, the twisted minds behind Clive Barker’s official site, chatted with the man recently about the status of his various projects and have learned that, not only will Midnight Meat Train shoot in LA; the entire story’s plot line has been transported there.

“It would have been ridiculous to pass off one city as another when LA has its own perfectly good subway…” he told them. While that may be true, I’ve not heard many good things about LA’s subway system. Plus a lot of reason Barker’s story worked so well was because of its NYC setting.

But it’s getting made with Versus director Ryuhei Kitamura at the helm, so for those things we should be thankful, I guess….

Johnny Butane

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