Chat with AFI Right Now – LIVE!

In case you’ve forgotten, today’s the day that the band AFI will be answering selected questions during a live video chat taking place on their Facebook page. But you don’t need to head over there; you can chat with them right here on Dread Central starting at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST!

In conjunction with the chat, AFI is debuting the “Making of Beautiful Thieves”, a behind-the-scenes look at the “Beautiful Thieves” video shoot on the AFI Facebook page.

Check out the AFI/Livestream chat below with the entire band – Davey, Jade, Hunter and Adam – answering fans’ questions LIVE!

To keep up-to-date on the band, be sure to also follow AFI on Twitter. Crash Love, featuring “Medicate” and “Beautiful Thieves”, is in stores currently in both regular and deluxe editions, and you can catch AFI on tour now through the spring in the following cities across the globe:

February 15 – Osaka, JP – Club Quattro
February 16 – Tokyo, JP – Club Quattro
February 20 – Brisbane – Soundwave Festival 2010
February 21 – Sydney – Soundwave Festival 2010
February 26 – Melbourne – Soundwave Festival 2010
February 27 – Adelaide – Soundwave Festival 2010
March 1 – Perth – Soundwave Festival 2010
March 12 – Nashville, TN – Rocketown
March 13 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
March 15 – Jacksonville, FL – Plush
March 16 – Tampa, FL – The Ritz
March 18 – Pensacola, FL – Seville Quarter Party Plaza
March 19 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
March 27 – Anaheim, CA – Festival Grounds at Angel Stadium
April 5 – Nottingham, UK – Nottingham Rock City
April 6 – London, UK – Brixton Academy
April 8 – Glasgow, UK – ABC
April 9 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
April 11 – Newcastle, UK – 02 Academy 2 Newcastle
April 12 – Birmingham, UK – 02 Academy 2 Birmingham
April 20 – Vienna – Outdoor Arena
April 21 – Warsaw, PL – Stodola
April 25 – Duisburg, Germany – T-Mobile Extreme Playground

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  • Ultimo Franco

    I swear I’m not trying to be a douche here, I’m just a little curious. Lately, it seems as though Dread has been posting a few more music stories than usual. I’m not entirely sure why though. You’ve run recent stories on bands like AFI, HIM, and Megadeth. What’s the connection, exactly?

    I understand that there’s some crossover between horror and death-metal type stuff, and I know that there’s a crossover between horror and goth music. But in all honesty, horror fans listen to ALL KINDS OF MUSIC. Personally, I still listen to Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens, and I’m a lifelong horror fan who adores gore and exploitation movies. I’m eagerly awaiting Frank Black’s latest solo album, will you be running a story on that one?

    I know that Rue Morgue magazine covers music, but they usually seem to go out of their way to link the bands directly to the horror genre in some way. Are AFI and HIM considered horror bands? I only ask because I’ve never heard one song from either of them.

    I’m not bitching. I’m just wondering where the dividing line is between horror and music. It’s your site, so you can cover anything you want, of course. As readers, we’re free to click on the stories or scroll right past them. I guess I’m wondering if these are just bands that you guys happen to like, or do you honestly see them as somehow representative of the horror genre.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Most of the genre sites now all host music specific content with some even having entire sections devoted to it. We try to be selective with what we choose so it either has to have some tie to the genre to it, or be something really cool like this. Rock/goth/metal/punk/thrash/alternative fans represent a large portion of the horror fan base as well, and we try our best to cater to everyone’s needs.

    • The Woman In Black

      We’re basically just trying to branch out a bit and cover all elements of the genre. We do movies, TV shows, books, video games — why not try to incorporate a little music news into the site as well? Although, yes, it is much broader category exactly because, as you said, “horror fans listen to ALL KINDS OF MUSIC”. Sometimes people like the bands we mention, and sometimes they don’t, but it’s the same with the other stuff as well.

      As for the horror “connection” with bands like HIM and AFI, HIM was originally called “His Infernal Majesty”, several of their albums have incorporated “666” in their titles, the themes of their songs are on the “dark” side, and they covered Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, so you be the judge. As for AFI, they’ve been categorized as Horror Punk or Gothic Punk and also seem to fit the genre. If Frank Black’s new album is at all horror related and we can post a video or something along those lines, then sure, we’d be all for it.

      Like you said, you certainly don’t have to click through to the stories, but other people have expressed appreciation for a little bit of music news on the site. We certainly don’t expect to please everyone but instead figure it’s better to have more things for people to choose from rather than less.

      And no, these aren’t just our favorite bands or anything like that. Otherwise, it’d be all Pearl Jam, all the time. 😉

      • Pestilence

        Hahaha, you guys and Pearl Jam, sheesh!

        • RingoJ

          They weren’t even the best grunge band. Nirvana, STP, and AIC have them beat easily.

          • Uncle Creepy

            Different strokes dude. While I love all of the bands you mentioned PJ has longevity and a boatload of albums that neither of them can hold a candle to.

          • RingoJ

            Sez you.