Are You F#@king Kidding Me?!?

The following story is not horror related (Shut up, Terminal!), but I could not resist passing along this movie news to you because you will probably not believe what you are about to see. Either you will howl with laughter, your brain will explode, or you will simply groan in utter disgust. Do not drink anything before going any further unless you’re willing to risk doing a spit-take all over your monitor. I damn near did.

So there I was late, late, late last night doing a Google search trying to find some extra information about another film I am in the process of writing a story about when I happened upon a link to the foreign version of the Film Catalogue website. I was disappointed that the link did not provide me with anything useful about the film I was writing about. But, holy Toledo, did I ever happen upon the listing for a new movie billed as being in pre-production that made my eyes bug out and my jaw drop. How else would one react upon seeing this promotional artwork?


I was dumbstruck. Titanic 2! It sounds like a parody, doesn’t it? This cannot be for real. It is. At least it’s going to be sometime later this year. However, don’t expect it to be a sequel to James Cameron’s Oscar-winning megahit.

“On the 100th Anniversary of the fateful voyage, a brand new ultra-modern ocean liner, christened ‘Titanic 2,’ follows the same path as its infamous namesake.”

Again, it sounds like a parody, something the Simpsons would come up with. I feel like smiling and shaking my head all at the same time.

Then I noticed the name of the production company behind this upcoming feature, and suddenly it all made absolute perfect sense.

The Asylum.

Of course, The Asylum! Who else would be crazy enough to make a Titanic 2?

Cross your fingers that this time instead of hitting an iceberg Titanic 2 is sunk after getting chomped by the Mega Shark.

The Foywonder

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  1. After wasting precious hours of my life on 3 or 4 asylum pieces of shit I will never watch a movie with their name attached again. This will not be any different.

  2. Foy, strike me down now and I will become more powerful than you can ever imagine.

    You figure naming a boat the Titanic again would imply that they would know NOT to sink again. Oh Asylum, I love you.

    • Who would sue? It’s Titanic ‘2’, which I would imagine is the name of the new, modern, ship. If someone mistakes for Titanic 2, as in a sequel to the movie Titanic then that’s their problem ;)


    I believe it.

    I seriously don’t think anyone would ever name a boat or ship Titantic ever again. Could be wrong but it’d be dumb and I’d never go on it.

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