Kevin Smith Wants Red State to Be Fan Funded

Kevin Smith talks Red State!We’ve been talking about Kevin Smith’s horror project Red State for several years now, and the sad truth is that a lack of funding has been keeping this baby at bay. As a result Smith is looking to another resource to get the film funded … Us.

In a recent interview with CINSSU to promote his new buddy comedy Cop Out, Smith offered this update: “We’re kind of creating this website. We’re seeing if it works to set up and collect donations. It becomes a weird tax nightmare, though … It sounded like such an easy thing online … but now there’s lots of checks and balances to make sure we can do it, but if that’s the case, I would be into it, and I’ll match it. Whatever you raise on line, like fuck it, you put it up, I’ll put it up.

As for Red State‘s plot crunch, not much new has come to light other than Smith’s comment that “it’s so fucking vicious and nasty and mean and stark, and it’s not funny … It’s this weird fucking dark little Seventies horror movie … that nobody wants to make.

Red State is said to be inspired by a true case of terrifying extremism taking place in Topeka, Kansas. Specifically the Westboro Baptist Church.

Those who follow the news closely may be aware of the church, which is run by a man named Fred Phelps. He and his followers believe that homosexuality is the root cause of almost every single problem in American history, a belief that is conveyed through websites like and Ironic that it’s really only in America that such a person would be able to freely express his admittedly idiotic and close-minded viewpoint and gain national attention because of it.

Look for more soon!

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  • Cody

    Since some other websites have taken a position of uninformed belligerence when reporting this news, I just wanted to note that this fan funding idea, as he says in the full quote, was suggested to Smith by a fan. Fans who want to see the movie and are disappointed by funding falling through stepped up and offered to help make it happen, so he started to look into whether it would be possible. Personally, I think it’s a cool idea.

  • James Coker

    You just Hate EVERYONE and EVERYTHING except for Fine wine and turkey don’t you Terminal

    • Terminal

      Not really. I enjoy the music of Paul Simon, and I find Boggle to be a fun game. Why?

  • Cody

    I’m all for this idea. I’m willing to toss in some coins to make it happen.

  • Terminal

    I’m avoiding Cop Out like the plague.

    And I have no faith in this project, so no, he’s not getting my money.

    • RingoJ

      Like you actually have any money.

      • Terminal

        I have pennies, and a comic book worth fifty bucks.

        Shows what you know.

  • G.D.

    The fact that he can’t get funding together is a huge red flag for me. Horror is relatively in vogue, plus Smith makes movies pretty much on the cheap (i had read that he thinks it can be done for under $5M) and cheap horror is always welcome, so why is it so hard to get funding?

    Could it be that the script just isn’t very good? Or that nobody trusts him to direct a movie that’s more than just 20/30-somethings sitting around and talking about sex?

    Either way, I completely gave up on Smith when he gave up on himself and went the work-for-hire hack route with Cop Out.

    • AngryChairr

      Not really. This is a general problem faced by most independently-funded horror films. If the money you secure doesn’t match what the script requires, you can only go so far. That’s why it took someone like Peter Jackson 4 years to make Bad Taste in the ’80s and why it still takes most directors today forever to get movies made. I mean, $5 million is small in movie terms but…it’s still $5 million. Trying raising that kind of money independent of a studio. Especially when your horror movie is called Red State and attacks conservatives, a surprisingly large portion of the horror movie audience.