Repo Men is Looking to Put YOU on the Run!

In this fast moving day and age, studios are always looking to find new and unique ways to promote their films. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, an idea comes up that is not only very original but pretty friggin’ cool as well! Read on for more.

In promotion of the film Repo Men, a new contest has just sprung up with enough monetary incentive to get just about anyone interested! So the question now beckons … are you ready to run?

From the Press Release

Have You Ever Wanted To Disappear?
How about getting the chance to escape your regular life for a single month with $10,000 on the line?
Now’s your chance.

Lone Shark Games, in conjunction with Wired Magazine and Universal Pictures, is looking for a few creative, honest, adventurous people to go on the run starting in late February. You need to be available through late March to leave your regular life behind. (If you are chosen, we will give you exact dates.)

Evan Ratliff made it in 25 days … Can you do better? Starting later this month, a few select individuals will get that chance.

We will provide you with vital technology and seed money to get you through your month on the run. Your creativity and wits will have to get you whatever else you need for life on the run. If you’re chosen, you will get $2,500 over the course of the run and an additional $7,500 if you make it to the end without being caught. But people will be trying to find you, and they’ll use any means allowed in the rules to try to figure out where you are. For now, send us an application; then scan your city for clues.


  • All applicants must be willing to undergo a background check. Applicants must include at least 3 recent pictures and 2 minutes of video of themselves taken within the past year.
  • Applicants must download and fill out the attached application form and return it and your pictures and video to – runners@wired.com by midnight PST, February 10th, 2010.
  • Applicants must be willing to abide by all contest rules and to cooperate with the contest administrators to ensure the spirit of the competition remains intact and that the contest proceeds safely — and entertainingly — for everyone involved.
  • Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy, at least 18 years old, and US citizens or permanent residents of the United States. See full legal information in application.
  • Check out Wired.com for more information, and look for Universal’s Repo Men in theatres on April 2nd, 2010.

    Repo Men is Looking to Put YOU on the Run!

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