Tanit Phoenix to Give Frankenstein a Lift in Death Race: Frankenstein Lives?

Tanit Phoenix to Give Frankenstein a Lift in Death Race: Frankenstein Lives?Tanit Phoenix. This South African sex symbol is just getting hotter by the day. Now that she’s done playing with vampires in the upcoming flick Lost Boys: The Thirst, it’s time for her to tackle yet another kind of beast … one with a hot rod and and a bad attitude.

According to our brothers over at Geek Week, Phoenix is said to be in talks to join Luke Goss for the direct-to-video prequel to Death Race, now known as Death Race: Frankenstein Lives.

Goss will be playing Carl “Luke” Lucas, also known as the driver “Frankenstein,” who has been framed by the mob for the murder of a cop. Once relocated to Terminal Island, he must engage in the famed Death Race as a means to stay alive.

Tanit is the frontrunner to play Elizabeth Jane Case, a card girl for the fight matches, later a navigator when the prisoners are forced to test their driving skills, who develops a ‘close’ bond with Lucas. She’s in prison for accidentally killing her cop husband.

Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt are producing. Shooting should begin soon with Roel Reiné at the director’s helm.

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Terminal

    Wow she’s got quite a career ahead of her! A direct to DVD sequel and then another direct to DVD sequel. Good for her! 😛

  • Styling Shatner

    I’m not familiar with this dame but she is certainly nice to look at.

    However, I’d rather not say what I first thought her name was when I took an initial glance at the first sentence of this article…

    • Uncle Creepy

      Dude, me too. All I see is Taint. And the term Taint Phoenix brings to mind all sorts of nastiness! LOL