Dread Central Welcomes Crix Lee

Dread Central Welcomes Crix LeeEditor’s Note: “With all the craziness going on in the biz lately, it’s been harder and harder to make sure everything out there is covered for you guys! One bit of coverage that’s been suffering is video games, so we decided to go out and find someone badass enough to lend us a hand …

Hi, everybody! Crix Lee here, and I am the newest addition to the Island of Misfit Toys that is Dread Central. Being fortunate enough to be born in 197-noneofyourbusiness to a Korean mother who barely spoke English and a father who was into desensitizing his children, I was privy to seeing any and EVERY movie I wanted – including Jaws, Psycho, and Friday the 13th at age 9, which also meant that bathtime and summer camp were HELL.

While I do appreciate a nice bit of the ol’ gratuitous “chop up a coed” film, I really long for a time where a film like A Nightmare on Elm Street kept me from sleeping in a bed for two weeks (courtesy of Johnny Depp’s death scene) or had some kind of political/moral statement like Dawn of The Dead.

I am primarily known as Editor-in-Chief for GirlGamer.com and Host of “A Fangirl’s Guide” (YouTube/iTunes), and along with Dread Central I also write for GeekWeek.com (Video Games) and JoystickDivision.com. I’m an FPS girl and am a HUGE lover of survival horror FPS like Left 4 Dead and Dead Space. I’ll be a part of DC gaming, and maybe if I’m good, Uncle Creepy’ll lemme cover some horror movies/events here *cough* AFTER DARK HORRORFEST *cough* Heh heh.

Fun Facts: With all the horror movies I’ve watched, as a child the thing that scared me the most was seeing the TV screen freeze followed by the ominous “TO BE CONTINUED“. Also, the reveal at the end of Sleepaway Camp can still induce a nice nightmare or two.

Also if you and I don’t see eye to eye about a film or game, that’s cool. I’ll just tell you what I tell everybody else: Go fuck yourself.

Just kidding.


Crix Lee

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  • CrixLee

    aww…thanks ladies. I love the mens…especially on toast.

    heh heh.

    watch out, Cash! heh heh.

  • Cash Bailey

    Welcome to Dread Central.

    Don’t mind the smell…

  • Morgan Elektra

    Welcome to our twisted little family Crix!

    Geez, we almost outnumber the male staff… the menfolk better watch out! 😉

  • The Woman In Black

    Yes, welcome to the family! Enjoy the calm before the storm because now that we know what you’re made of, we’re gonna lay it on ya! 🙂

  • CrixLee

    Hey, gang! Crix is just fine.

    SUPER stoked to be here! hope I do y’all proud!

    • Pestilence


      I’ve actually been thinking about doing some video games work recently with a few UK mags in mind. Welcome to the team! Hugs are $0.50 and I impose a carmaraderie tax of $12.00 per second at all times.

      If you like, hit me a PM with your Gamertag and I’ll add you on Xbox Live! SERIOUSLY need more people to play L4D2 with…I haven’t even seen all of the campaigns!

  • Masked Slasher

    Welcome aboard!

  • Emy

    Bienvenue! Looking forward to reading you Crix or Lee or Crix Lee, which ever you prefer.