You’re Invited to a Tea Party Macabre

As you may recall, this coming February is “Women in Horror Month”, and FEARnet is kicking it off a few days early with the debut episode of its Tea Party Macabre video series. The premise is that they invited some of their favorite women of horror out to tea and let the cameras roll. Included is one of our favorite women in horror, Dread Central’s own horrorchick, Heather Wixson.

Joining Heather are Diora (Night of the Demons, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days) Baird, Riki (The Last House on the Left ’09) Lindhome, Jen (FEARnet, Cinematical) Yamato, and Denise (KatieBird* Certifiable Crazy Person, Carnies) Gossett.

The topic is why horror trumps comedy in roles for tough chicks, and the more viewers they get, the better the chance that we’ll get to see more Tea Party Macabre so after you check it out below, be sure to head over to FEARnet to add your comments and suggestions for future discussions.

And definitely keep an eye on Dread Central during the month of February as we have lots to say and share about the “Women in Horror” we love the most!

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  • misartress melanie

    ahem…to be honest i havn’t watched this thing,actresses are in a different boat then me, but i will say that i have my short film apart of the Women in Horror month in the uk and usa. I have been production designing, art directing and now directed my first short film, nearly everything i work on is horror, its frustrating working in a mans world and tough, so something like this is kinda a good bonding session and a way to just kinda show that the girls are into this shit too. I’ve heard crew comments when you here a chick is a HOD, people worry thinking we’ll crack or wont be as good or break our nails, bollocks! The only thing that does worry me is the girls using their tits to get noticed, hard work day and night, juggling jobs, being flat broke and believing in yourself will get you somewhere. Girls like horror too! period, we can probably get away with a few issues guys will get shunned for, so what, thats life, i will play the girl card if it helps me but i know i truly deserve it. Lighten up ! If it wasn’t for Women in Horror month i wouldn’t of had the great support from my first short film!!

    • The Butcher

      Play the “GIRL” card and lose credibility. That’s the way I see it. You ghettoize yourself.

      It would also be like me playing the “GUY” card and swiping a job from a female on the wrong assumption that guys are more apt to do a good job.

      Just leave it at the door, PLEASE.

      As for the show, how about doing it once a month and calling it IF YOU WANT BLOOD…YOU’VE GOT IT!

      ??? Yeah ??? Yeah ???

      Hey, why are all you women throwing your shoes at me???



  • Floydian Trip

    I also was raised by my Mom and have 4 sisters as well. I love strong women in TV and film.

    The title is horrible.

    The woman shouldn’t be studying Mila, Kate or any other typical female lead in a horror film today because they’re mostly bad. No mention of Ripley? Come on ladies. Zoe is a warrior woman.

    Everything about this is wrong.

    • thehorrorchick

      I actually mentioned Ripley. Part of it is that FearNet has to edit down the conversations to 4 minute or less chunks because that’s the online attention span these days. So there was a lot of the conversation that was edited. But no one could ever forget Ripley! That’s what I hope to name my first daughter if I ever decide to have kids even…so don’t worry. I think for Doira, she just meant that is what she was studying for a current role…

  • The Butcher

    Nice to see Heather getting some exposure. They need to do these on a closed set though ala DINER FOR 5 methinks. The background noise and other patrons are distracting as hell.

    Thank gosh this is a positive piece on women in horror films, without getting into the whole “Men hold women back in film making”. Though calling the show TEA PARTY? Ugh, that’s buying right back into the cliche’. “Girls” have tea parties, right? Five minutes with a notepad and I promise I can come up with a more appropriate and respectful name.

    That said (here comes the outspoken part of me that isn’t very popular at times) I am tiring of the whole Women In Horror thing. It’s become trite, and I think the point is moot these days. Just do the work, and let it speak for itself. Sadly most films (shorts and features) suck. By men. By women. BY PEOPLE. This separatist shit I see (articles, convention panels, etc) is for the birds.

    If anything, like in music, I see doors swing open more easily for women, at least among fans and at the indy level of things, because the scene was so starved for estrogen for such a long long time.

    Then again, admittedly, maybe I’m not seeing something. But that would only be because I seriously perceive women as absolutely equal to men, without question. I feel silly even bringing it up it’s so much a none issue to me…raised by a single mom…I have a seriously strong and amazing 18year old offspring who just happens to be of the female gender.

    Here come the arrows. But I’m willing to be “edumacated” and corrected and am not trying to be s sit starter (God knows we’ve had enough name calling here the last couple days…bejeezus!)

    • thehorrorchick

      Thanks so much for the support! The first episode is the pilot and I think they took the aspect of us really talking about women working in horror as the litmus test for the series. We filmed for an hour and spoke on several different topiccs so I believe those topics (which are NOT going to be all women vs. men because I hate that shit myself too!) are coming up.

      Trust me, as someone who was also raised by a single mom my entire life, while I very much love celebrating women and their strengths, we are very much still on the same playing field as men and we are all equals working in one of the best movie genres ever. :)

      • Floydian Trip

        My problem was with actresses they chose. I forget which one it was but one of them started talking about how powerful she felt when she got to hold a gun. I was rolling my eyes. Guns don’t make women badass. Gillian Anderson played an FBI agent and ran around with a gun all the time but I don’t think of her as a badass. Sigourney was born with it. The women I’ve always been attracted to have been born with it. Those two actresses were not but what woman in horror today really is? None that I can think of. Hollywood has targeted an audience that prefers beauty over talent. Anyway this all leads into just another aspect in the genre that makes it so damn hard to watch today.

        I love the idea behind this but I don’t think the makers know what they’re doing. That first bit just seemed to feed into the stereotype.

        Then again, I could just be cranky.

        • thehorrorchick

          Stay tuned for more because a lot of what you touched on with your comment will be coming…I do agree that it’s not necessarily a gun that makes a woman a badass but admittedly, watching Ripley take on the Queen with Newt in one hand, and a huge ass gun in the other is pretty badass…

          And the other topics we spoke about weren’t necesarily all girl power either. I think FearNet was just testing the waters to see if the format could work…so we’ll see where it leads because I know there’s a lot I would love to discuss in horror and not just because I am a woman, because I am a fan. :)

          • Floydian Trip

            I plan on watching it again. It was good seeing you on there I just felt the discussion that took place was doing more harm than good. And really Tea Party Macabre? How about Cafe Macabre instead?

          • thehorrorchick

            Yeah, I do wish I could have had more creative input with the topics but if it does get picked up, my point with them was that this wasn’t always gonna be about women in horror discussing women in horror…I want it to be women of horror discussing horror in general. We’ll see how it all goes! Fingers crossed that the other episodes show just how in depth some of our discussions really went!

    • The Woman In Black

      Women in Horror Month, Black History Month, Older Americans Month, Haitian Heritage Month … hell, in the South they even have Confederate History Month. Check out this list I found: Click here. It’s out of hand! I’m no fan of this type of thing either, but every group wants its own recognition.

      I agree with you, Butcher … ditch ’em all and just let people succeed or fail on their own merits.

      Except of course in September, which is Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month. :)

Steve Barton

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