Attend a Free Screening of District 13: Ultimatum in NYC

Attend a Free Screening of District 13: Ultimatum in NYCGather all ye dystopian horror fans in the Tri-State Region, Fangoria is holding a free screening of District 13: Ultimatum at the Cinema Village tomorrow, Thursday, January 28 at 7 p.m.

This Luc Besson written and produced futuristic flick was directed by by Patrick Alessandrin and is a sequel to Besson’s previous District B13. It tells the tale of “District 13”, a brutal, walled-in Parisian ghetto that the government plans to redevelop into a more respectable place by nuking it to ash. Police officer Damien Tomasso (Cyril Raffaelli) and vigilante Leito (David Belle) team up to stop the bad guys within D13’s walls and save the area from its fiery fate.

Attend a Free Screening of District 13: Ultimatum in NYC

This advance preview is sponsored by Magnolia Pictures, which will release District 13: Ultimatum on February 5 in New York, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Michigan, and Minnesota with additional openings throughout the month.

Cinema Village is located at 22 East 12th Street, off University Place, in New York City. To obtain tickets and learn more, visit the new Fangoria web blog.

Heather Buckley

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Heather Buckley

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  • MethRattle

    The first film was an enjoyable action flick that reminded me of Italian stuff from the 80’s. Awesome stunt/parkour work. Luc Besson doesn’t put his name on garbage (first film included) so I’m interested in seeing this sequel. Curious about the NYC connection, since District 13 is in Paris.

    • Emy

      Usually, anything written by Besson or produced by his production company Europa Corp is pretty good (absolutely awesome in some cases).

      Not allmasterpieces or perfect movies, but I have yet to be bored by one of their movies.

  • Terminal

    I’m going to skip this. District B13 was garbage. And not horror.

    • Pestilence

      I got some enjoyment from the first, but this one is plain shit. Skipping it is a wise choice.

    • Emy


      Not garbage, you just did not like it (or hated it even).

      I really enjoyed it. Love Cyril Raffaelli and all the stunts he does, in the B13 movies and elsewhere (Die Hard 4, …).

      • Terminal

        No, my opinion is that District B13 is garbage, so I still insist it’s garbage.

        • Emy

          One man’s garbage is another (wo)man treasure…

          • Terminal

            Nuh uh.

            Hah! I beat your argument.

          • Emy


    • The Woman In Black

      Not pure horror for sure, but since Fango’s running the screening, we thought we’d help ’em out a bit.

      • Heather Buckley

        Though the Fangoria site is down; it is also a heads up that they do have a blog up the fans can read. I love all horror sites (hugs them all until they bleed). As for horror — I’ve actually been thinking of doing a series of shorts for DREAD where people define horror… D13 is just genre.

  • Emy

    Why in NYC???


    I want to see!!!

    • Terminal

      Because NY rocks. Boogie down Bronx, bitches!!

      • Emy

        I used to live close enough to go for the weekend, but now that just not possible.

        I will gladly keep my sunny 75 degrees today and see the movie at some point later. Might have to drive to LA at some point soon and see this as well as a few other movies (and stop for a visit with some friends that all live together now).