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Sodom the Killer poster!Wow. Now this looks, um, interesting…

ElevenArts has posted the official U.S. site and trailer for screenwriter Hiroshi (Ring) Takahashi’s directorial debut, Sodom the Killer. Here’s the synopsis according to the website:

In the beginning of the 18th Century, Lord Sodomu Ichibei is celebrating the happiest day of his life, his wedding day. However, things turn tragic as his wife suddenly dies during the ceremony. Enraged, Ichibei searches for an explanation, eliminating anyone he believes responsible for his bride’s death. Two innocent girls, Catherine and Therese, are targeted by Ichibei’s allegations. Ichibei, believing them to be the culprits, tortures and kills them. The innocent bloodshed elicits a curse placed on the Sodomu family.

300 years later, Sodomu Ichiro, a descendant of Ichibei, is about to get married at a banquet. Extremely fond of her brother, Catherine, who has been reincarnated as Ichiro’s, younger sister kills everyone at the wedding. The curse corrupts Ichiro with evil, causing him to kill his beloved sister, Catherine. Ichiro carries the coffin of Catherine and begins an endless cycle of atrocities and injustice. He has become known as “Sodom no Ichi”. Amidst the chaos, Teresa, who reincarnated as a criminal detective, secretly watches Ichiro. As the last hope, Teresa must stop Ichiro to prevent his plan of destroying the world.

Less a straight-up horror film, this one looks more in the vein of Takahashi’s bizarro Crazy Lips (which everyone must see). Count me in!

Andrew Kasch

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