Scott Nicholson’s The Red Church Re-Released as an E-Book

Scott Nicholson's The Red Church Re-Released as an E-BookStoker-nominated horror author Scott Nicholson has re-released his first novel The Red Church as an e-book for various reader platforms through Amazon.com and other digital outlets.

The novel includes three bonus essays and a new cover. The Red Church was originally published in 2002 by Kensington Books and was a Stoker Award finalist for First Novel and an alternate selection of The Mystery Guild. “The book did well, but there are still more than 6 billion people who haven’t read it,” Nicholson said. “The publishing industry can be frustrating, especially when your work is no longer available. This is an experiment to see if it’s worthwhile to publish independently and see if I can compete with my own New York titles.”

The story involves a 13-year-old boy, Ronnie Day, who struggles with his faith when his mother joins a haunted Appalachian Church and a mysterious preacher returns to town. “Maybe this is just vanity publishing”, the author said. “But that’s okay, because I’m vain. Most importantly, I got excited about the story all over again while I was preparing the file for release. I want to share that feeling.”

Nicholson also released the novella “Burial To Follow”, originally published in the Cemetery Dance anthology Brimstone Turnpike. More releases are planned later this year, including a new story collection. Additionally information is available at HauntedComputer.com.

I’ve read The Red Church and have actually seen the church Nicholson used for inspiration. Trust me, it was creepy!

Elaine Lamkin

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