Italian Zombie Horror Returns in Eaters

Well … it’s about time! Finally a new zombie movie out of Italy that looks good enough to eat! Board up the windows and doors. Marco Ristori and Luca Boni’s Eaters are coming!

First the plot crunch! After being devastated by a deadly epidemic, the world is now governed by hordes of living dead. Locked in a fortress that has been turned into a research center and shelter, three men – zombie hunters Igor and Alen and a scientist named Gyno – are trying to find an answer to what has happened to the human race.

Writer, producer, and co-director Marco Ristori wrote in to tell us a bit more about the plot of their film.

“Gyno experiments his insane theories on the bodies of the zombies given to him by the other two men,” says Ristori. “He tells the two men that he is looking for a treatment for the virus in order to save Alexis, Alen’s girlfriend, a healthy carrier of the virus, but actually he is trying in any way to give life to a new race of human-dead in an isolated farm turned into a horrible slaughter house.”

He continues “Alen and Igor leave for two days of hunting to find new ‘guinea-pigs’ for Gyno, who in the meantime orders his enslaved zombies to kill the watches of the fortress. Then he has sex with Alexis to experiment with what can be born between a human and a healthy carrier of the virus. He believes that the virus is a new step of natural evolution … Alen and Igor, during their trip, meet the most varied characters: a crazy painter, neo-Nazis, and a mysterious girl, daughter of the feared Plague-Spreader, supposed craftsman of the epidemic. She is the only live woman in a world governed by the dead. During their return to the fortress, they discover Gyno’s secret farm/slaughter house and find out about his diverted experiments. After this bloodbath trip, they come back to the fortress for the final fight with Gyno.”

Sounds like the kind of stuff those of us who grew up during the Eighties remember watching, does it not? Plus the flick’s presented by Dr. Uwe Boll. Yep. We are sold!

Guglielmo Favilla, Alex Lucchesi, Steve Sylvester, Rosella Elmi, and Richard Burton star.

Check out the trailer, a still, and a really badass one-sheet below.

Italian Zombie Horror Returns in Eaters

Italian Zombie Horror Returns in Eaters

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  • RingoJ

    Looks like the WTC in the background.

  • Terminal

    I wonder if we’ll get “Uwe Boll Presents.” That will put butts in seats.

  • The Woman In Black

    I would never discount a movie just because of one of the producers. Besides, I still think Boll’s Postal was genius. Sign me up for this one!

  • Terminal

    I’ll pass. Nothing with Boll is ever good.

  • Marco Ristori

    Hi guys,
    the truth is that Uwe Boll is the only one who believed in this project over the past 2 years.
    In Italy is almost impossible to produce a movie like Eaters now. No-one wants to finance s*it like this so we’re forced to produce it on our own with a very little budget.
    It’s important to have the support of someone when you’re doing something you believe and for us to have Boll on our side is a good thing.
    Anyway brain is right: we’re two freaks that waste A LOT of time with computers! 🙂

    thank you and take care!


    Marco Ristori

  • DavidFullam

    I was sold until “Dr. Uwe Boll.”

  • brain

    I usually distance myself anytime I see something with the name Uwe Boll on it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love italian horror just as much as the next guy, but that just looks like a computer-enhanced waste of time to me…..that’s just my opinion.

    • frank_dracman

      Hey! That’s DOCTOR Boll to you! The trailer didn’t look that bad, and the poster is rad. I might check this out.