Matt Reeves Talks Let Me In – Promises a Darker Experience

Some of you out there consider a remake of Let the Right One In to be as near to sacrilege as you’re willing to accept. We feel your pain, but let me remind you that we all felt the same way about Dawn of the Dead and that turned out to be OK. So what does director Matt Reeves have in store for us — something to honor the source material or just more unnecessary Hollywood gloss?

Reeves recently sat down with MTV and offered the following to worried fans …

“One of the things I really wanted to do was find my own way into the story while still being very, very reverent to the beautiful film and to the wonderful story that they created,” Reeves tells MTV. “And so the story in many ways follows the same trajectory. I really wanted to put you, even more so, into the point of view of the boy and understand his childhood as vividly as it comes across in the book.

In terms of how to avoid being compared to the teen vamp craze known as Twilight

“I think that it has obviously really touched a nerve and tapped into a very, very deep vein. To me, the thing about genre stories that is the most interesting thing is what you do with the metaphor of the genre,” said Reeves. “You can do a grand, sweeping love story, like Twilight, and use that metaphor of the two people that are just being torn apart and the aching-ness of it, and that’s a great fantasy. I think that what people respond to in Twilight is the fantasy of it. It’s such a grand, romantic fantasy, and in a way, the reason why I think there is room for a film like ours is, though it’s a vampire film, it uses it in such a different way. Whereas Twilight is kind of a fantasy, this will be a darker, scarier kind of journey. Obviously, True Blood is also really big these days too, and that’s a different thing using the sexual side. I think it’s really about what sort of emphasis the story takes and how you use the metaphor. The amazing thing about genre films is the way to smuggle in different kinds of themes and things worthy of exploration. I think what so struck me about this story is that what it is exploring is so different and so real.”

Please … let this film work. We’ll find out how it all turns out on October 1st, 2010 when Let Me In sweeps into theatres.

For more about the film check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @letmeinthemovie.

Matt Reeves Talks Let Me In - Promises a Darker Experience

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  • Relaxing Dragon

    Yeah, he kept losing me at Twilight. I mean, it’s good that he wants to be darker and scarier than that, but that’s still setting the bar pretty low.

    I’ll still see this and give it a shot, but my expectations are not good right now.

    Also, that poster is trying much too hard.

  • jkincer

    Read the book, watch the original movie and let it be. A large part of the charm of the source material is the 80’s Sweden setting, and that is obviously gone now. Remakes should only happen when it is possible to upgrade the movie either via technology, budget or actors. None of those will apply to this cash in. I was so hoping this would go the way of that brutal Old Boy remake concept and die in preproduction hell.

  • Itto Ogami

    Let The Right One In is a genius ridden masterpiece and should be an oscar nominee (NO pun intended). The finale in the pool is the most awesome piece of filmmaking I have seen in a long time. Subtle and simply superb directing. Brilliant use of sound and visuals. Matt Reeves did a crap job on Cloverfield so why does he get to remake this brilliant film? Cronenberg would be the man to give this to.

  • Terminal

    “but let me remind you that we all felt the same way about Dawn of the Dead and that turned out to be OK”

    Comparing this upcoming remake to Dawn of the Dead doesn’t inspire confidence in me at all. I’m also pretty surprised you’re defending this upcoming remake in some sense.

    As for the comparison to Twilight, I’m already giving up on this remake on that basis alone. The original was really dark, how can you make it darker? I’d really rather not see this masterpiece turned in to a teeny bopper piece of shit.

  • Floydian Trip

    I hated Cloverfield.

  • AngryChairr

    Did anyone read what he said? He compared his film to Twilight. He said it’s like Twilight but different. That’s really what he said.

  • The Butcher

    Well, I am way wayyyy more warm to the idea of this version now that I know a strong cast is in place.

    Here’s hoping.

  • Rorschach

    I want to give this every chance in the world…but some part of me inherently HATES the fact that this is being done at ALL.

    What’s stopping people from buying the original on DVD again?

    • Terminal

      People don’t want to read while they’re watching a movie and subtitles move too fast and they can’t read at that speed, wah wah wah!

    • Avid Fan

      The Magnet DVD subtitles are not correct, which is highly unfortunate.

      • Relaxing Dragon

        They fixed the subtitles for recent pressings of the DVD, but there’s still a lot of the bad copies out there (like at pretty much every rental place). Gotta check the back of each box to see what’s what.

  • nonserviam03

    I think he said “fantasy” about 9 times